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Another beautiful jeweler donating sales proceeds to the Endometriosis Foundation of America! Beautiful bracelet! ❤

Fanciful Wish

Happy Birthday to me!  🙂

It is my birthday today and I’m spending it alone, working.  I dropped my son off to preschool which is great, because he was home with me all of last week sick, so I was Koala bear mommy…he was clinging to me at all times.  Today I get my breathing space back and time to work on orders.

I recently created a custom bracelet for a customer of mine who shared her story of suffering from Endometriosis.  I’ve only known one other woman who told me it was horrible, but this customer opened my eyes to a group of women called Endo Warriors, a support group for women suffering from this condition.  My periods were never awful, a cramp here and there, but I know other girls who had to lay in bed in day from the pain-yet they didn’t suffer from Endometriosis, so I…

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