EndoSisters, ring in the New Year with Hope!

2015 Hope

Happy New Year!!!!

And we’re going to start this one off right for my EndoSisters!  I know our medical community has left us feeling neglected, in pain, helpless, or hopeless…BUT there is hope in the non-traditional medical world.  While we continue to wait for modern medicine to find a cure, we can still take steps to help our bodies fight this disease!

For many sufferers of Endometriosis, they have found relief from some, if not all, of their pain through natural methods!  I do not always write about these methods, purely because I haven’t tried them all and cannot offer you my own personal experience…but today I will!

If any of these methods may offer you or I relief in 2015, then it’s worth a try!

And if you have any methods you’d wish to add to this list, please drop a comment below 🙂

Diet Change:

A lot of books, blogs, and articles have been written about altering our food and beverage intake to help with control our Endometriosis symptoms.  I’ve altered my diet, and do feel better (although it may be because I also slipped right into my Lupron Depot treatments at the same time…we shall see how I feel after my injections are done in January!).  In short, the new diet consists of:

No red meat: causes increased inflammation and hurts digestion (also may contain crazy amounts of hormones)

No dairy: causes inflammation (also may contain crazy amounts of hormones)

No wheat products: contains gluten and phytic acid, which can aggravate symptoms of Endometriosis

Avoid as much processed sugar as possible (including juices and sodas): causes inflammation and further aggravates symptoms of Endometriosis (I can’t cut this out ’cause it’s everywhere, but I do make a conscious effort to cut back…)

No caffeine: causes abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels

No chocolate: contains sugars and caffeine

Limit alcohol intake: muddies up the liver (I haven’t cut this out, but I have drastically reduced.  I no longer drink beer and only enjoy 1 glass of white wine when I do drink)

Since my diet change, I have learned the pleasures of leafy greens (ohmigawd, SALAD can be so adventurous!), turkey products, and cannot get enough water during the day.  I’ve also acquired a taste for coconut milk and have learned a plethora of ways to roast and cook vegetables.  I also enjoy a nightly tea to aid with digestion and lowering inflammation.

I miss eating cheese. So much.  And pie.  And every once in a while, I cheat and eat those things.  But, I suffer the next day with severe abdominal pain and … issues (to put it politely).  I’ve also learned that I can no longer stand sodas, they’re just toooo sweet and sticky and not appetizing at all. I enjoy Teeccino instead of coffee, and have also fallen in love with non-caffeine herbal teas.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite “side effects” of my diet change, well two: 1) I very rarely get headaches or back pain anymore and 2) I also very rarely have gas anymore! No more “pull my finger” jokes.  It truly has been an amazing experience.  And if those two reliefs are related to my new Endo Diet, just awesome!


A lot of women with Endometriosis have upped their vitamin intake to help combat our whacky estrogen levels and inflammation, among other things.  Following is a sampling of certain herbal supplements many Endometriosis sufferers have found helpful:

Artichoke: helps the liver’s function and keeps it clean and strong

Ashwagandha: helps relieve stress and fatigue

Black haw: relieves pain and cramping

Burdock: helps the liver’s function and keeps it clean and strong

Calcium plus Vitamin D: increased calcium may ease cramping and pain.  (also, for women like me currently on Lupron Depot, calcium intake is a must!) (I take this)

Chaste berry: helps normalize menstrual flows

Chaste tree: balances hormone levels

Crampbark: relieves pain and cramping

Dandelion: helps the liver and kidney’s function

Dong Quai: helps stabilize hormone levels

Echinacea: helps boost our immune system

Evening Primrose oil: reduces inflammation and balances hormone levels

Folic Acid: may help slow abnormal cell growth and aids in distribution of vitamin nutrients. (I take this)

Goldenseal: helps the liver’s function and keeps it clean and strong.  It also improves pelvic circulation.

Grape seed extract: reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system

Licorice: helps the liver’s function and keeps it clean and strong.

Magnesium: eases cramping and aids in digestion (I take this)

Milk Thistle Seed Extract: helps keeps our livers healthy and strong.  Milk Thistle can mimic and raise estrogen levels; however the Milk Thistle Seed Extract does not. (I take this)

Motherwort: helps stabilize hormone levels

Multivitamin: A lot of the Vitamin A, Bs, C, and E are necessary for our healthy upkeep, as well as Zinc and Iron.  A good multivitamin will cover this gambit.  (I take this)

Ocotillo: improves pelvic circulation

Omega-3:promotes the “good” prostaglandins, which we EndoLadies need. (I take this)

Siberian Ginseng: helps relieve stress and fatigue

Valerian root: relieves pain and cramping

Wild yam: relieves pain and cramping

Witch hazel: improves pelvic circulation

Xanthoxylon: improves pelvic circulation

Alternative Medicine:

Many women have also found these exercises and alternative practices useful in helping control their pain and suffering:

Acupuncture: it may relieve pain and tension, as well as balance hormones.

Castor Oil Packs: helps reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Dry skin brushing: helps keep the lymphatic system clean and detoxes the body

Pelvic Massage: a simply 20-minute pelvic massage with essential oils helps with pain and cramping, as well as shifting and stretching any adhesions you may have in your pelvic region.

Sitz Baths: reduces pelvic pain  and cramping

Yoga: reduces pain and stress, promotes mental health and well-being

May you find relief this year.
















~ Again, I am a layman.  I do not hold any college degrees, nor mastery of knowledge.  Please take what I say with a grain of salt.  If curious, do your own research 😉 Validate my writings.  Or challenge them.  And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Always.  Yours ~ Lisa

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