Press Release : Social Media Endo Challenge

Coming March 2015

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Come March, be prepared for the Endo Challenge:

By Ellie Friedenberg

January 29, 2015

San Diego, CA – Social media may be getting a bit of a makeover this March as thousands of women prepare to turn their profile pictures yellow. The yellow movement is the catalyst for the “Endo Challenge”, an awareness campaign designed to bring understanding, awareness and education to Endometriosis, a disease that affects 176 million women worldwide.

About The Endo Challenge

Endometriosis is categorized as a chronic pain disorder and is the number-one cause of infertility in women. Despite its crippling symptoms, “endo” is the least researched and least understood disease in women’s health. Due to the lack of knowledge surrounding Endometriosis, many women turn to online support groups to share their knowledge and support one another in finding adequate treatment.

With some groups reaching over 6,000 members, the women decided to ban together and finally bring Endometriosis to light. Their hope is that by yellow profile pictures taking over social media, they will start a conversation about Endometriosis outside the “endo community” and spread awareness and understanding about their uncommonly known disease.

For more information, please visit


To learn more about this awareness campaign, please contact

Ellie Friedenberg, Media Relations


The webpage will become fully active on March 1, 2015, so if you DO want to join this challenge and help spread awareness, check back often! Yours, Lisa

10 thoughts on “Press Release : Social Media Endo Challenge

    1. Betty, when the page launches on March 1st, it will be as easy as clicking a button and the webpage will do it for you 😀 I’ll blog about this again on 3/1 as a reminder 🙂 A great group of EndoSisters thought of this idea and I am so proud of them! ❤

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