Share Your Story!


Have Endometriosis? Or are you the friend, spouse, or family member of someone who does?  Share your story here!  You are not alone! And your story helps myself and others embrace and realize that we are not alone. 🙂

Your experiences may help others cope with their situation.  Or it may heal a little bit of emotional pain and release an internal struggle.  Write it out. Share. Teach. Embrace your community.

Sound like something you’d like to do?  You can do so by clicking here, or by clicking on “Share Your Story” in the upper-right of this screen.  I will only publish what you allow me.  And if you’d like to submit a photograph to include, just email it to me with “Share your story picture” in the subject line.  My personal email address is

Just want to read others’ stories?  Feel free to click here.

Looking forward to reading, and sharing, all about you.

Yours, Lisa

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