Sisterhood, Part 2


I may not have any sisters, but I have siblings.  And I know that there are some preconceived ideas of what sisters do, and do not do, for each other:

  • They protect one another
  • They share (or borrow) clothes
  • Younger sisters may receive hand-me-downs
  • They offer advice
  • They encourage, support, and uplift one another
  • They do each others’ hair and make-up
  • They cry on each others’ shoulders
  • They squabble and occasionally fight

They should not:

  • Take advantage of each others’ weaknesses
  • Charge money to their sister to wear clothes, do make-up, or offer advice
  • Discourage or put each other down
  • Play the “I am better than you” game

We women suffering from Endometriosis are a sisterhood.  Like it our not, we share this disease, these symptoms, these surgeries, these treatments, and these battles.  Please always try to remember to encourage, uplift, and support one another.

If you haven’t already read, Part 1, you can do so here.  Tomorrow will be the final installment in these Sisterhood blogs. Stay tuned. Part 3 is now published here.

Yours, Lisa

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