Back from the Dust


So for the first time since I started going to Burning Man, I had a period-free and pain-free experience!  This was also my first Burn since my Endo diagnosis.

This was my fifth year attending BM.  And my Endo never flared up.  No cramps. No pain. No bleeding.  No NSAIDs. No pain killers.  Years past, I would be medicated, doubled-over, and always on one of my 9-day periods (and you have to take home your dirty tampons…you can’t drop them in the port-a-potties)!  I’d like to think it’s due to my excision surgery, my (I hate to admit this) Lupron Depot treatments, my birth control, and my dietary and lifestyle changes.

I stuck (pretty much) to my diet, took my vitamins and supplements, and took my birth control pills as scheduled.  Tada!

So I did cheat a bit:

  1. Ate half a grilled-cheese sandwich (dairy)
  2. Put a little bit of butter on a baked potato (dairy)
  3. Alcohol : had 1 or 2 cocktails each day…sometimes 3 (processed sugar)
  4. Ate half a Man-Pie : toasted bread slathered in cocoa almond butter and strawberry jam (caffeine in the cocoa)
  5. Had a very tiny nibble of a Scotharoo : a peanut butter rice crispy bar covered in a bit of chocolate (caffeine in the chocolate)

But other than that, I did pretty well dietary wise!  It wasn’t that hard to resist all the temptations and foods that I should avoid.  And drank plenty of water.  AND, I pooped EVERY DAY!  For those of you who have been to Burning Man, you’ll understand the significance of this! Every year past, by day 2 or 3, you just kinda stop pooping.  Your body is tired, you don’t eat as much food, and you just kinda stop…pooping. Not this year! EVERY DAY!  All that fiber from the beans…and ohmygod, all the gas! My farts came back to me (I haven’t been farty in a very, very, VERY long time)!  Now, sometimes I still had the daggers/knives/glass running through my guts experience when I’d poo, but I have an appointment with my PCP this month for a referral to a GI coming up. Can you tell how excited I am about having poo’d every day this year? 🙂 Very!

I also maintained a healthy sleep schedule.  Awake every morning between 6-7am, and asleep by 11:30pm.

We avoided fast food on the ride up and down, and I am so grateful for that!


We had our little Endometriosis Support Group on the playa!  We had a total of four people show up throughout the morning.  Again, it’s fantastic to meet other EndoSisters, talk about experiences, know you’re not crazy or alone, and hug.  Our fourth guest was a man who arrived about an hour later asking questions on behalf of his girlfriend who couldn’t attend Burning Man.  It was just awesome!

Looking forward to future years at Burning Man, but for the moment, and just so excited over the outcome of this one!

Will get back into the swing of things (aka blogging) next week.  Still doing laundry, catching up on life, petting the cat, and snuggling with the man.  I hope you all had an incredible past few weeks and am looking forward to catching up with you.



2 thoughts on “Back from the Dust

  1. YaY! I’m so excited for you! But have to admit I’m glad you’re back so we can have our next meet up. It’s been a whirlwind of hell the last couple of weeks.
    (I know you’re super stoked to hear all about it lol)

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