Heading back out into the desert

photo by Arron Marie Fenton; Wasteland Weekend, 2011

Now that I’ve been back from Burning Man for two weeks, it’s time to head back out to the desert.  This time we’ll be camping for 3 days at Wasteland Weekend, a big post-apocalyptic themed event.

I’ll keep current on my diet and supplements.  My only concern?  I’m stepping into this one with bowel issues : I’ve had diarrhea literally since Sunday.  Four days.  I’ve been keeping a poo-journal since Sunday due to my pending GI appointment…keeping track of my cramps, what I eat and drink, and my poos.

And it has been a wild ride these past few days.  Some cramps have even woken me up at night.  Others keep me from standing or walking.  Some induce major back pain. I’m hesitant to take any Immodium AD since that usually backs me up for a week.  I’ll keep drinking my water, stay hydrated, and honor my body.

So I’m hoping I don’t become intimately familiar with the port-a-potties this weekend.  But if I do, that’s okay.  I can serenade my fellow campers with my … um … music.  I’m also really hoping my body re-balances and either just stops pooping altogether for a few days or winds down and normalizes.  I’m tired of this.  Looking forward to the GI doctor’s appointment.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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