Our Walk is Five Months Away!

SAM_0286Five months may seem like a long time,but it really isn’t!  So I purchased and set up the name badge holders for our attendees this morning.  Taking care of the little things before they grow into big rushes closer to March 26th.

And doing it this morning really hit home : I know we won’t have 100 attendees, but for those who are coming, it’s such an overwhelming experience.  To be with EndoSisters together in one spot, with their loved ones and families, their support systems.  All of us together walking for one united cause.  On a day where thousands of women are also walking everywhere around the world in solidarity.

Our walk may be small and intimate, and I like it that way, but we are a part of something bigger.  We are not alone.  We have each other.  And our friends and families at our sides.

March 26, 2016, although only one day, one five-mile walk around a beautiful lake, will be an amazing and powerful day.

If you are interesting in coming and haven’t already registered (it’s free), click here.

I simply cannot wait.

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