Endo Event : Can You Take The Heat?


Can You Take The Heat

On February 25, 2016, in Cape Coral, Florida, several EndoSisters got together to host an Endometriosis fundraiser and awareness event.  The funds raised went to help EndoMarch Team Florida for their upcoming march on Washington, D.C.

I got in touch with Rose Furio, one of the organizers of the event, and she let me know how it went!  Not only do we want to boost awareness of upcoming Endo events around the world, we want to share the experience of the event with you!

Rose and friends helped organize the event, along with Bianca Rodriguez and Jacklin, the managers of the Starbucks.  They received corporate sponsorship and prizes from Heineken, Sysco foods, Paesano’s Italian Market, Stacole Fine Wines, Dante’s Coal Fired Pizza, and Starbucks.

They raised $293.00 for their EndoMarch team, which will help go toward awareness campaigns and future events.  There were approximately 50 people who attended.  Not every event has to be huge.  Small events can do great things!  And this one sure did!

They had a hot wing eating contest, and three men won the first, second, and third place prizes.   Sarah and Izzy Rodriguez sang at the event. Erin Modglin was slated to speak about Endometriosis to the crowd, but unfortunately the weather got a bit too chill for the outdoor event.

Sarah and Izzy Rodriguez sing
Poster Board o’Awareness

Their main goal for the event was to raise awareness in their community, and they did!  Not only did they help spread the word to everyone who came by, but there will be an article run in their local paper in March about the event and the upcoming march in Washington, D.C.

I’m so glad to hear their awareness event was a success!  Next year they plan to spread even more awareness and have a greater outreach.  But for now?  They’ll rest of up and prepare for the March 19, 2016, EndoMarch.

Thank you, Sisters, for all that you have done!




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