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If you’ve wanted to share your Endometriosis journey, or help encourage others who may be going through the same thing, we enjoy reading and sharing them for you.  We have a page (click here) that allows you to submit your information to me, and I will post it on the blog! Nobody else will see it until I publish it.  Only submit what information you are comfortable with!  And I will only publish what contact information you allow me.  I will not use or sell this information for ANY other purpose than to post on the blog and share your story!

Interested?  To get started, click here!  OR you can click on the “Share Your Story” link in the upper right of this page!

If you’d like to read the stories submitted by other EndoSisters, please click here.

Yours, Lisa

4 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. Hey Lisa, do you have any posts or research about oophorectomies – when to have them, pros, cons, etc.? HRT for endo patients after ovary removal? I don’t really have anything to share right now, but thought you might have done some research on these? As always, thanks for your support and work on behalf of the endo warriors off the world!

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    1. Hiya hun. Nope, I sure don’t…but I’ll do some digging! As far as HRT, I know that endo patients need to be careful because anything that increases or mimics estrogen may spur our illness forward… But, give me a few days! And thank you for the topic. ❤

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  2. Working my way through your posts. So glad I stumbled across you. Very informative and an amazing support for us Endosisters. I’m beginning to incorporate a lot of my endo days in my blog, mainly because it’s such a relentless and consuming condition. It’s hard not to talk about something that effects you everyday! Lots of love and keep up the great work 💛💛

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found me, ’cause I found you in return! Looking forward to getting lost in your entries, too! And I’m glad you’re beginning to blog about it. Not only will it make you feel a bit better, but you’re spreading the word, and your friends, family, and followers will have a greater understanding of what you go through! You keep it up, too, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! 🙂

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