Adhesion Prevention


You may have heard of adhesions and know what havoc they can cause. Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Read more about adhesions here.

Today an article hit my inbox about adhesion prevention, published in 2015.  You can read the article here:

I found it very interesting.  Of course, it doesn’t yield any answers, but it does discuss ideas and the need for further research and testing.  AND it gives me something to discuss with my surgeon should I ever need to go back under the knife.

Knowledge is power. ❤

2 thoughts on “Adhesion Prevention

  1. In my previous surgery I had more adhesions than endo. The article was interesting, it gives me hope that one day there will be prevention methods used. Thanks for posting 🙂

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  2. Interesting article, yucky pics. My RE was talking to me the other week about pelvic adhesive disease and thinks I may have it in addition to endo. I’m not sure you can have one without the other, but either way adhesions are the bane of my existence. Prevention methods would be stellar.

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