“E” is for “Endometriosis”

Endometriosis from a husband’s perspective. This was a truly wonderful read.

Adoption Expectant -- Hubby Edition

On Wednesday I sat in a waiting room all day while my wife underwent her 3rd abdominal surgery. And I sat there the whole 3.5 hours, never knowing what was going to happen, how bad things were, if we were looking at yet another surgery.

See, we’re all raised to believe that women’s periods are supposed to be painful. We’re raised to believe that men should be fearful of the words “period.” That we should be awkward in certain aisles. That men are expected to want to spend our time getting into women’s pants, but when the actual words like “ovaries” or “fallopian” or “uterus” are used, we should close our eyes, cover our ears and hum. That acknowleding menstruation existing should only be in our complaints about their “attitude.”  And if a woman is anything but smiling, it’s a certain time in a month (never mind that some get…

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