Trying a new thing!

If you would be interested in joining, I’ve set up an email-based support group (through Google) so those EndoSisters (or their support systems) who don’t have Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, etc. can communicate with each other! One of our gals asked if there was a way to keep in touch with everyone without Facebook … It’ll be like an email listserv – you send an email or post to the group forum and it goes to everyone involved. They can reply to just you, or to the entire group.  I’ve also invited the gals from our San Diego-based Facebook support group to join.  This listserv will not be restricted to any particular geographical area.

If you’d like to join, please click on this link and request to join.!forum/bloominuterusendosupport

I’ve not done this before, so it may be a work in progress 😉 Bwuahaha. And it may just fizzle into nothing…But, I had to try.


4 thoughts on “Emails???

      1. When I clicked on the link it said you must be a member to participate. Which is completely fine especially if there will be any private discussion 🙂 I would suggest you post your blog on google plus (if you haven’t already) to to get more visibility. I just started doing it. It helps with SEO. Good luck!

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        1. Oooh! Just learned how to make the topics public, but you must be a member if you wish to post. 🙂 Hopefully able to spread a bit of support if people are searching for answers that way, too. Contact info remains private for all, though. And thank you for the suggestion of posting the blog on Google Plus! I had no idea 😀

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