Daffodil Society Embezzlement & Shut-Down

If any of you fantastic readers feel inclined to reblog or share this link, please do. The remnants of the Daffodil Society are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible who may have donated so they can contact the Society and request a refund.

But, as usual, you’re under no obligation whatsoever to share anything 🙂 Just figured I’d put out the Call to Arms and see what happens. ❤ Lisa

Bloomin' Uterus

dsembezzA note upfront:  This Daffodil Society is NOT affiliated with the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days OR The American Daffodil Society.

The Daffodil Society is based out of Illinois and their mission statement is as follows:  “The Daffodil Society is a nonprofit corporation with the sole purpose of supporting women suffering with endometriosis.”

According to the Daffodil Society, Sue Kerivan, President of the Daffodil Society, has admitted to embezzling funds for her own personal use, including monies that were raised for 3-day Endometriosis Awareness Conference and Walk. Sadly, the walk never took place and the funds disappeared…vendors were not reimbursed for deposits, people who purchased purses as part of the fundraiser never received the purses or a refund, and those who paid actual ticket prices for the event were also not reimbursed for the cancelled conference.  None of the money made it’s way to The Daffodil Society’s coffers.  Sue has since stepped down…

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