Endometriosis Coloring Contest!

A reminder for anyone who would like to enter: our coloring contest is still going on! A chance to win every month! 🙂

Bloomin' Uterus


THEY’RE HERE!  My wonderfully talented friend, Brandie Britt, designed three beautiful drawings for our Endo coloring contest!  (If you love the designs and want to help out a wonderful single mom, click here.  She and her son are near and dear to my heart…love you BB&kiddo).  The contest is open to EndoSisters worldwide!

Why are we having a coloring contest?  It’s simple!  I wanted a fun way for you and I to share a few things:

  • Where our Endometriosis is located in our bodies, or
  • How Endometriosis makes us feel, or
  • How we’d like to feel, or
  • Just have a bit of relaxing fun and a nice way to express ourselves and color, or
  • We can even bring the piece to our doctor appointments to express where our pain resides.
  • Be creative!!!  And share something together.

Don’t have Endo, but know someone who does?  Put your own interpretational spin on it for that person…

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