Blood Biomarkers & Endometriosis

Updated information from a Nov. 2016 study on biomarkers!

Bloomin' Uterus


You may have read some of my previous blogs about biomarkers…blood tests for things which may help doctors diagnose Endometriosis without surgery, such as CA-125 levels.  There are a lot of hopes that indicators may help save costly diagnostic surgeries, surgical risks, and painful recoveries.

A study published on May 1, 2016, reviewed 141 past studies and analyzed the data.

It does not look good for us, ladies and gents.  Well, not yet at least.  It concludes, “Overall, there is not enough evidence to recommend testing for any blood biomarker in clinical practice to diagnose endometriosis.”  If you’d like to read it for yourself, please click here.

A study published on July 27, 2016, however, holds hope that the CA-125 test may “rule in” Endometriosis.  You can read it here.

A November, 2016 publication stated that women with Endometriosis may have elevated MiRNA (micro RNA) gene biomarkers.  Strides are being made to…

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3 thoughts on “Blood Biomarkers & Endometriosis

  1. I hope the combined CA-125 markers with those other (unpronounceable) markers has the potential to help rule in/out endo. so much less invasive than surgery!

    My experiences with CA-125 marker tests have not been good. My CA-125 levels were extraordinarily high prior to my last 2 surgeries, and my docs were all like “not to scare you, but you might have cancer!” Duh, of course that’s scary. And nope, no cancer: just monster cysts and lots of endo. After the surgeries, my CA-125 levels were significantly decreased, though still slightly elevated (maybe from residual endo that quickly grew back?). This surgery I’m going to ask for another CA-125 test, just for comparison’s sake. Did they test yours pre-and-post surgery at all?

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    1. Gah, I hate a scare!!! I’m glad it wasn’t cancer 😉 Nope, didn’t test my CA-125 levels, but I’ll be asking for it with my annual bloodwork and any future pre-and-post surgeries. 🙂 May be a fun running log, eh? 😀 You keep it up, woman!

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