Bloomin’ Uterus T-Shirts Are Available Once More!

As many of you know, February is our big push for Endometriosis fundraising.

One of those efforts are our Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts!  We work through Teespring and all profits are directly donated to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  We don’t ever see one penny!  How much are you donating with your shirt purchase?  Depending on the style of shirt you buy, between $6.61 – $7.86 per shirt is donated to the EFA; Teespring keeps the rest for materials and labor.These will only be available for purchase from February 1, 2017, through February 22, 2017.   We only run these once a year…
If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please feel free to follow the links!  We have two versions available:
The original Bloomin’ Uterus design can be purchased here: 
The “lapel” Bloomin’ Uterus design can be purchased here:
As usual, you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy a shirt.  They’re just a fun way for me to try to raise funds and awareness.  I love walking around town in my BU tee and someone is walking behind me…”Endome…Endo…Endo-what?”  and it’s a conversation starter – which sometimes leads to, “My Aunt had that!” or “My sister has that!!”
Not into t-shirts?  We have a few more teeny items we use for fundraising.
The Bloomin’ Uterus buttons for a $2 donation.

pin donation

The cute yellow skull charms for a $10 donation.  These supplies are very limited and handcrafted by our local San Diegan EndoSister, Linda.


If you’d like a button or a skully, please make your donation to and specify which item you’d like in your comments.  Again, Gofundme forwards your donation directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.
Regardless of if you purchase any of these items, feel free to pass these links on!  The more word we spread, the more awareness we raise!  And remember: you’re under no obligation to purchase or share!

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