Today I Scouted Shelter Island

A gorgeous shot of our downtown skyline. Don’t mind the *whatever it is* on my camera lense

As most of you know, our Third Annual Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk will be taking place on March 25, 2017, at Shelter Island in San Diego this year.  Since I’ve not taken the 2-mile trek myself, today was the day to do it!

For any of you joining us on the walk, there’s ample, free parking – especially where our Check-In Booth will be.  Plenty of parking!!!

It was a glorious morning!  So many walker and joggers along the way, even ran into an old friend of mine, Mike! RANDOM!  Anyway – there are three sets of bathrooms, but the stalls don’t have doors.  There’s also the Fathom Bistro (located on the fishing pier), which serves brunch from 10:00-1:00 on the weekends…as well as beers brewed locally here in town.  Today was Fathom’s 4th Year Anniversary (hence the presence of their pirate, Kevin!).  I’ve given the head’s up that they may be inundated with a wave of Yellow People in March. 🙂

After our walk on the 25th, I’d like to sit on the beach, enjoy some brunch, and share stories.  Our Walk isn’t just about getting together to wear yellow and share details about Endometriosis with people who inquire – it’s about supporting one another, making friends, and swapping tales.  If you’d like, Fathom Bistro offers their food To Go, and we can bring it to the beach for devouring – although alcohol cannot leave the premises.  I’ll be talking more with the owner of the restaurant as our Walk gets closer.  PS – they take cash and credit card (no American Express).

There was also a small Art Show going on this morning on the Island.  I spent a while sitting and chatting with the older gentlemen artists, John, Al, and George!  Turns out one of them is a retired gynecologist and when he asked what our walk was for and I replied, “Endometriosis…” his response was, “Yep.  It’s a real problem!”  AUGH!  So we talked about the disease and the need for heightened awareness and support groups around communities.  These guys will be on the Island on March 25th and offer some incredible artwork of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  PS – they also take cash and credit card.

The views were incredible.  The artwork along the walk was stunning.  The scents and sounds – it’s beautiful there.  And I cannot wait to walk with all who will be joining us.

The walk took about 2 hours, but I was taking my sweet time.  I was wearing my Bloomin’ Uterus hoodie when I started, but by the time I hit the Pearl of the Pacific and turned around to head back, it was tied around my waist.

If you’d like to see all of the photographs from this morning’s adventure, please click here.

A few of my favorites from today:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

~ Lisa

2 thoughts on “Today I Scouted Shelter Island

  1. What a fun post, Lisa, and what a great location for this year’s walk (even with the doorless toilets) :o) ! Thanks for checking it out…your input made me look forward to the walk even more because now I know what to expect.

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