And we have lift off!


Yesterday, I was able to pay for and pick up the permit for the 2018 Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness and Support Walk! YAY!

So now comes all the fun stuff.  Getting the word out!

I’ve created the walk’s registration page:

I’ve also added a Facebook event page:

I’ve emailed all of last year’s attendees.

And put it online with Spingo to spread the word through local online media here in San Diego.

I’ve got to order more Bloomin’ Uterus buttons in case we get any donations in 🙂  I’m all out!! *double yay!!*

If you’re in the San Diego area, or know someone who would be interested in attending, please feel free to share the links and come!

I’m sooooo excited!  It’s been several weeks trying to pull together the permit paperwork, the event insurance, and the budget, but the hard part is done!!! ❤

I’m SO excited!

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