Feel Good Fridays


I’m pre-writing this on Wednesday since I’ll be away with friends for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week surrounded by friends, family, support, and love.  Be thankful for the good moments…and the bad.  And if you’ve had a crappy week, keep a stiff upper lip and hope next week is better.  If you EVER need to talk – I’m here. ❤

Today’s quote is a doozy:

“My dearest friend Abigail, These probably could be the last words I write to you and I may not live long enough to see your response but I truly have lived long enough to live forever in the hearts of my friends. I thought a lot about what I should write to you. I thought of giving you blessings and wishes for things of great value to happen to you in future; I thought of appreciating you for being the way you are; I thought to give sweet and lovely compliments for everything about you; I thought to write something in praise of your poems and prose; and I thought of extending my gratitude for being one of the very few sincerest friends I have ever had. But that is what all friends do and they only qualify to remain as a part of the bunch of our loosely connected memories and that’s not what I can choose to be, I cannot choose to be lost somewhere in your memories. So I thought of something through which I hope you will remember me for a very long time. I decided to share some part of my story, of what led me here, the part we both have had in common. A past, which changed us and our perception of the world. A past, which shaped our future into an unknown yet exciting opportunity to revisit the lost thoughts and to break free from the libido of our lost dreams. A past, which questioned our whole past. My dear, when the moment of my past struck me, in its highest demonised form, I felt dead, like a dead-man walking in flesh without a soul, who had no reason to live any more. I no longer saw any meaning of life but then I saw no reason to die as well. I travelled to far away lands, running away from friends, family and everyone else and I confined myself to my thoughts, to my feelings and to myself. Hours, days, weeks and months passed and I waited for a moment of magic to happen, a turn of destiny, but nothing happened, nothing ever happens. I waited and I counted each moment of it, thinking about every moment of my life, the good and the bad ones. I then saw how powerful yet weak, bright yet dark, beautiful yet ugly, joyous yet grievous; is a one single moment. One moment makes the difference. Just a one moment. Such appears to be the extreme and undisputed power of a single moment. We live in a world of appearance, Abigail, where the reality lies beyond the appearances, and this is also only what appears to be such powerful when in actuality it is not. I realised that the power of the moment is not in the moment itself. The power, actually, is in us. Every single one of us has the power to make and shape our own moments. It is us who by feeling joyful, celebrate for a moment of success; and it is also us who by feeling saddened, cry and mourn over our losses. I, with all my heart and mind, now embrace this power which lies within us. I wish life offers you more time to make use of this power. Remember, we are our own griefs, my dear, we are our own happinesses and we are our own remedies.

Take care!


Title: Letter to Abigail
Scene: “Death-bed”
Chapter: The Road To Awe”
― Huseyn Raza

May we embrace the moments…and the power we wield over them.

New Case Study: a woman with severely aggresive external Endometriosis

Sign that reads 175

A newly published study about a 35-year-old woman with a case of crazy-insane-aggressive Endometriosis hit my inbox.  I was going to fit it into a previously-written blog about hysterectomies and Endo or extra-pelvic Endo…but it was so fascinating that I decided to create today’s blog entry.

Initially, this young woman had abdominal surgery to remove her right ovary because of a ruptured ovarian cyst.  She subsequently had three additional surgeries to excise Endometriomas (chocolate cysts) and adenomyosis via a total hysterectomy which also took both of her fallopian tubes and remaining ovary.

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Feel Good Fridays

two tattooed hands holding each other

It’s Friday!! I missed last Friday’s post because I was on a roadtrip with my Besty, Rosie.

So, today you’ll get TWO!

“The human touch is that little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness. It doesn’t take much from the one who gives it, but can make a huge difference in the one who receives it.” 
― Mya RobartsThe V Girl


“We can all make the world a better place through the moment-to-moment decisions we make as we interact with people.” 
― Morton ShaevitzRefire! Don’t Retire: Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

Get out there, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, say hello to strangers, smile.  And have an incredible weekend!!!

Love, Lisa

Endo & Cannabis Products Workshop

Untitled-1 copy

Dr. Rosemarie Flores will be speaking with the gals of Bloomin’ Uterus on Sunday, December 3, 2017, about managing Endometriosis pain and symptoms with cannabis products.  Not only is Dr. Flores a chiropractor, but she is certified by the Medical Cannabis Institute.  She has been able to help many patients get off opiates, sleeping meds, and many other medicines.

Come join us!  Seating is limited, so please RSVP for yourself (and anyone you’re bringing) by emailing me at lisa@bloominuterus.com.

I know many of you have had questions about cannabis at some of our prior meetings, so now’s your chance to ask!  Can’t come?  Feel free to email Dr. Flores here with your questions.  She’ll do her best to respond.

Dr. Flores (aka “Dr. Rosebudz”) will be explaining the medicinal benefits of CBD  and other cannabinoid blends including THC and how it works in the body.  She will cover the difference between CBD only which comes from industrial Hemp and CBD that comes from a Cannabis plant.  And she will also be going over Dosing, which is very important since there is no set dosing for patients.

Cost Per Person: FREE (I will always strive for freebies for my EndoSisters!)

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2017

Time: The lecture will begin promptly at 12:45pm.  You may show up as early as 12:30 (but I may put you to work setting up tables and chairs).  It will be concluded by 1:45pm.

Location: Mission Valley Library (in their Community Room); 2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92108

Again, please RSVP for yourself (and anyone you’re bringing) by emailing me at lisa@bloominuterus.com.

**A huge thank you to one of our local EndoSisters (you know who you are) for reaching out to Dr. Flores to present this workshop**

Feel Good Fridays!


Another week has passed us by and now we’re in November! NOV-EM-BER!!


I hope you had a good one.  Okay, so here’s today’s Feel Good Friday quote:

“Once you start celebrating the little victories in life, you will realize just how infinite they truly are.” 
― Alicia EmamdeeAloha Self-Esteem?

Rolling your eyes at the little quote because nothing in life has been a victory for you?  Or this week was incredibly crummy?  Change your perspective…think of the little things you were able to do:  get out of bed, eat breakfast, go to work.  Couldn’t do any of those things?  Change it even further:  opened your eyes, took a breath, enjoyed stretching out… find something to celebrate; no matter how small.

And tell me about them!  Leave me a comment, or two, or three! Share with me what’s in your life worth celebrating!!!  And hold onto those moments!

❤ Lisa


It’s Not Always Bad…


So, I blog a lot on here about the symptoms of Endometriosis, the misery, the agony, the pain (both physical and emotional).  I share your stories, some good, some bad.  I do all I can to make this disease real to people who may not understand it.

But today, I want to share that there are times where this battle may not be all bad.  I often feel guilty for the good days.  BUT there are good days…and I hope that if you suffer from Endometriosis, that there are times when you have a good day here and there. Embrace those days.  Hold onto them to help you get through the painful ones.

It could be the effects of my 2016 excision surgery.  It could be I’ve been trying hard to be good with my diet.  It could be that I skipped my period in October completely (and, no…I’m not pregnant).  It could be that my recent cataract surgery stressed out my body and threw my cycle out of whack.  Whatever the reason, this October has been absolutely incredible.  Sure, I had the cramping on October 14th, but that totally turned out to be triggered by constipation. Yes…poop.  I talk about that here, too. *wink*  I’ve discussed this skipped cycle with my physician and I’ll just be tracking them until my annual check-up next April.

I cannot stress how important being able to experience a pain-free day can be to your mental health and quality of life.  I wish all of my EndoSisters could have them more often…or, in some cases, just have one!

I do not know what made October so different, but I leave you with these pearls:

  • Find a physician that listens to your concerns and needs.
  • Find a surgeon who is familiar with Endometriosis and who practices excision (not ablation).  I cannot stress this enough.
  • Identify and eliminate foods that trigger or worsen your symptoms.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for stronger pain medication.
  • Seek complementary forms of treatment.  I’ve heard great things about acupuncture, pelvic floor therapy, meditation, biofeedback, and supplements.
  • Bond with a support group.  Share ideas, share your story, learn from one another.

I’ve no idea if November will be as marvelous as October.  But there’s only one way to find out.  And you can rest assured I’ll keep you posted.

I hope that you are able to celebrate the good days.  And if you aren’t allowed a pain-free day, I hope that you have at least a good moment during the day.  Take a breath and savor it.