Feel Good Fridays

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We made it through the week! Yes, another week!  2017 is almost at a close, the holidays are upon us, and hopefully, you’re in a good place.  ❤

Today’s quote resonates deeply with me.  I feel like a lot of people do this, but many others also do the exact opposite.

“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.”  ― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

Reach out to others in need, help when you can, and act…without expectation of reward or praise.  Just do, because you can.  But…don’t do it to the point of physical, mental, or monetary exhaustion, either. *wink* Moderation. In all things.

Merry Christmas, you guys.  May you have a wonderful weekend.

Much love, Lisa.

Period Woes…and some laughs


Laugh with me!!

So, I started my period last Friday.  It wasn’t any big surprise; I knew it was coming…BUT I failed to take inventory of my pads…um…uh…poor decision.

So, Friday was my heavy, heavy flow day.  I used up several of my Supers (all of them, actually).  I thought I had Regular pads left…nope.  Come Saturday, I was in need of some protection!  But couldn’t really leave the house yet…

I found some “Super” pads from our local  Dollar Store hiding in our guest bathroom and didn’t have a choice.  Did it overflow? Nope.  Well then, what’s the problem?

The first time I pulled my panties down to pee after applying the pad, there was a … malfunction…

You know how you tear off the pad backing and smash it onto your panties? Then it’s stuck in place for the day?  Well, when I pulled my undies down the pad stuck to my feminine bits…but the backing tore off and remained glued to my panties.  So there I stood: the sticky-pad backing clinging to my chonies and the actual pad itself period-glued to my bits.

I just kind of stood there, laughing.

I guess you get what you paid for…

Have you had any crazy pad or tampon malfunctions? Oh, do share in the comments below!




Feel Good Fridays

Hi guys.
Started my period today, so I’m medicated and taking a sick day. The pain woke me up at 2:30 this morning.
So, I want you all to remember on this Feel Good Friday, that it IS okay to take time for yourself. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do.
Love you,  


Feel Good Fridays

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Today’s lovely quote comes from Richard Simmons – he was very inspiring during this morning’s aerobics.

“It’s consistency and looking in the mirror every day and giving yourself some compliments. Being kind and non-judgmental to yourself and others. … If we did that, it’d be a better world.” ~ Richard Simmons; 2014, on CNN

I truly hope you take this quote and do it…every day.  I know I will.

New Study: Endometriosis, Anxiety, and Depression


A recent study published in New Scientist magazine discovered that mice with Endometriosis proved to be more anxious and depressed than mice that did not have Endometriosis.  Behavioural changes in the mice with Endometriosis led to this conclusion.  It is believed by the authors that Endometriosis actually reprograms the brain, but it’s unknown as to how these changes occur.

Others believe that the anxiety and depression women with Endometriosis experience may be tied to their pain and infertility issues.  They believe that the way the body perceives pain has been altered, which affects anxiety and depression.

The authors hope that their findings now instigate more research as to how Endometriosis affects the central nervous system; not just reproductive health.

I myself will be doing more research into this topic, too!  Expect more ahead!


New Scientist (November 2017) – Endometriosis Affects the Brain

~ Again, I am a layman. I do not hold any college degrees, nor mastery of knowledge. Please take what I say with a grain of salt. If curious, do your own research 😉 Validate my writings. Or challenge them. And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Always. Yours ~ Lisa

Feel Good Fridays


Happy Friday!!!  I may not have had the time to finish a new blog entry for the week, but please take a look below.  I’ve updated a few with new studies that have come out.

I look forward to having more available free time to dedicate to new entries (sorry…life’s been busy).  Which leads me to today’s quote:

“Relax, Recharge and Reflect. Sometimes it’s OK to do nothing.” 
― Izey Victoria Odiase

I need to remind myself to stop, sit, and just…relax.  It’s been a go-go-go-go lifestyle for the past several months and hopefully this holiday season I can have some sit-down & do nothing” time.  I’m hoping you can do the same.

Have an INCREDIBLE week.

Love, Lisa

Blogs I updated this week:

Endometriosis & the Lungs – added a case study of a 37-year-old woman with Endometriosis lesions in her pleural cavity.  Published October 2017 in Radiology Case Reports.

Endometriosis on Your Skin – added a case study of a 49-year-old woman who suffered from a painful, swollen, stinky lump in her belly button for six years.  Published October 2017 in EC Gynaecology.

Stress Levels May Affect Endo – added a study on how stress may stimulate Endometriosis growth.  Published November 2017 in Sage Journals.