Feel Good Fridays


And what a busy one it’s been!  I know I’ve said it a lot lately, but I am so very sorry I haven’t been able to dig in and do more research. I miss having the time to be able to do that.

I will once more. I promise.

If YOU have anything you’d like me to research, please send me a question!

Take some time for yourself today. Even if it’s just a quick breather.  Step away from your tasks, your to dos, your obgligations.  Just breathe, maybe give yourself a pep talk in the mirror, remind yourself that you ARE worth it.


2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays

    1. I’ll pick you! I’LL PICK YOU!!! I know if any Endo is left, there’s always a possibility of recurrence. Hell, I believe that even if any isn’t left at the time of your hysto it can still come back. A few years ago I did research on chronic fatigue…If you haven’t already, give it a read and lemme know if any of it sound relevant to you! ❤ It could be SO many things… https://bloominuterus.com/2015/02/08/readers-choice-im-sooo-tired/

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