This was an eye-opening experience

I’m participating in the Endo Month 2020 Challenge. And today’s prompt was “Surgeries.” And it made me sit back, take a deep breath, re-read all of my past surgical notes, and I want to cry. And I still have that terror in the pit of my stomach that my surgeon won’t find anything during my May surgery.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve likely already seen this post. But now I want to know about yours.

Here’s mine:

Day 3: Surgeries? I’ve had four since 2014 and a fifth on the way. During each one, my surgeon has found and removed Endometriosis growths and accompanying ovarian/Endo cysts.

Endo has been found on my liver, on my diaphragm, on my sigmoid colon, on my small intestine, on my appendix, on my right intesine, on my ureter, on my fallopian tubes, on my ovaries, between my uterus and my rectum, between my bladder and my uterus.

It has caused extensive scar tissue which had to be removed. That scarring has stuck my uterus to my colon, stuck my bowels to my pelvic wall, stuck my ovaries beneath my uterus, stuck my ovary to my pelvic wall, pinned my bladder to my uterus. I’ve lost 7 inches of my intestines due to the illness (including my appendix) and both of my fallopian tubes were so badly damaged by the disease they, too, were removed.

There’s been a total of $521,571.10 billed to the insurance company. Of that, I paid $4,300.

Half a million dollars in six years. Four extensive surgeries. And the fifth is coming in a few months…..

Will it never stop?

Day 2: Endometriosis means an often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and underplayed chronic, painful, and incurable disease

Day 1: My diagnosis took 22 years to receive: 22 years of being told my pain was all a part of being a woman, was normal, and I had a poor pain tolerance…

This challenge will be an awesome experience!


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