Gone Fishin’…

Da Vinci robot (surgery)

As you may know, my Endo-Surgery No. 6 is scheduled for October 21st. So, I’ll be out of commission for several weeks.

This time it’s the tag-team dream-team of my colo-rectal surgeon (Dr. Matthew Schultzel) and my Endometriosis excision surgeon (Dr. Mel Kurtulus). They’re going in to find that remaining Endometriosis that was discovered and left behind in my May 2020 surgery and remove it, which may entail a bowel resection.

We shall find out Wednesday…

It’s been a rough past few weeks of pain.

Pain chart

As you can see, a lot of my pain has been within the 1-4 range…but but it’s been rather high since October 10th, reaching the 8s and 9s. Even with the high pain days, I still carry my doubts they’ll find any Endometriosis and we’ll be back at square one.

But with sex being so painful, 91% of my bowel movements causing some sort of agony, 95% of October (so far) having pain on my lower left quadrant, 15% of the month with pain on the lower right quadrant, 5% having middle abdominal cramps (usually around a poo), 42% with mirrored lower back pain (mostly on the lower left side), and on two occasions screaming lower left ab pain when I peed…they have to find something.

*sigh* These doubts will never go away. I have them before every surgery. And even though I tell myself that every time, and that they’ve found Endo every time, I can’t shut these doubts up.

So, I won’t know until after surgery if my recovery time is just two weeks or if it’s six weeks. It all depends on what they find and if the bowel resection is required.

Be well, dear Readers, friends, and family.

I’ll keep you updated when I feel well enough to do so.

Much love,

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’…

  1. Your pain sounds my pain. Last year woman doctor put on a 1/2 pair of three different drugs. I no longer have pain 24/7 it is a relief. Having a bowel movement can be very painful.My good thoughts are with you for your surgery.

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