Life After Lupron

So once or twice a month, our little group of EndoSisters gets together for food, drinks, hugs, laughter, tears, and support.  Tonight was one such meeting.  And they’re always amazing, regardless of how many, or how few, people are able to attend. One of my fellow EndoWarriors brought up an incredible question this evening, which […]

Lupron Depot: Q&A

As many of you know, I was on Lupron Depot for six months for my Endometriosis.  I wrote about my personal experiences here and also how my life had changed after my last injection (you can read that, and other’s experiences, here). Recently, a friend of mine learned he will be starting Lupron Depot to […]

Lupron Depot : My Experience

Many of you know I fondly refer to my Lupron Depot treatments as “Liquid Crazy injections.”  I’m happy to say that January 19, 2015, was my last Lupron Depot injection for my Endometriosis!  I had a total of six months treatment; 1 injection per month.  I was also taking the “Add Back” pill, Norethindrone, on a […]

A Question for You

One of our readers, Harley, emailed me a question and I thought I’d put it out there for you to help: “Can you post and ask questions for Life after Lupron? Specifically weight gain? I’ve read the whole thread on life after lupron but still haven’t quite found a lot of information. My last shot was […]

Where’d I Go?

As I sobbed through my yoga…. I searched for answers again for the millionth time. I found this site. Read through many stories. Debbie’s hit me as if I was reading my own words! I had endo for 9 years before it was discovered. Through another blog like this I self-diagnosed. It took me begging […]

Share Your Story: L. George

L. George was diagnosed when they were 25 years old. Today, at 52, they share their arduous journey with us. L.’s Journey:   This is really tough to tell, as I have suffered with this awful disease for so long. I barely used to notice my periods in high school. Then, around age 21, the pain […]


I too suffered with Lupron side effects. I received 3 rounds of the 3 month shot in 2017. After the first shot the severe endo pain was over!!! I felt so relieved that thought I was on to something. Well the was short lived, although no endo pain, after the 3rd shot I started having […]


I was diagnosed with ending at 15 and was put on a ton of birth control methods, each one stronger than the last. Pills weren’t enough, I had constant breakthrough bleeding and pain. Nuvaring worked for awhile, then caused migraines. Implanon caused acne and severe mood swings. Eventually I got the the mirena but still […]