My experience with a bowel prep

Do you have a bowel surgery coming up? Maybe just a colonoscopy? Or something else to do with your guts?

Either way, you likely have to endure a bowel prep: drink some nastiness and spend the next few hours glued to the toilet.

I had my bowel resection in November of 2018 and had no idea what I was in for with Suprep Bowel Prep Kit. And now I have my very first colonoscopy on calendar for November 8, 2019 (just to check and make sure everything is decent and runnin’ smoothly in there). I was also told I’d be enduring the same bowel prep! Yay! Yay? Just kidding.

So I got home and scrambled for my notes from last November. Just how bad was the experience before? I had been messaging a friend of mine who kept me company during the ordeal. And rather than just read them while laughing and get a sense of what to expect in a few weeks, I thought I’d share them.

I mean, who knows – you may very well have ended up on this page because you, too, were searching for “what happens in a bowel prep?” Brace yourself…my notes are coming! And if you make it all the way to the bottom (there’s a pun in there somewhere), I’ll list a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way to make this process a little more bearable.

Shortly after 4:15pm, on November 25, 2018, I downed my first round of Suprep. The second dose was at 10:00pm. Following are my notes (aka, texts to my friend):

Prior to the poop-fest, I weighed myself right before drinking Suprep: 169.5 pounds. I was curious how much poo and water weight I would lose after it was all over. Stay tuned!

Image result for round 1 fight
Clock 4:16pm

Drank first round of Suprep

Right click to save me!

OMFG that’s the most amazing torrential downpour of liquid shit I’ve ever experienced!!!!! 35 minutes after consumption and round 1 of ?? is done!

Right click to save me!

I’m still pooping…confirmed: no visible plunger in this bathroom lol

Right click to save me!

Round 2 !!!!!

Right click to save me!

Ooooomgggg round 3. I didn’t even have to leave the toilet from round 2! Just when I was about to wipe: nope. Seriously amazing pooping!!! Like a high pressure water hose!

Right click to save me!

Round 4!

Right click to save me!

….round five….literally as I’m wiping my ass with a baby wipe. HAAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAAA caught me by surprise.  ALMOST CLEAR!

Right click to save me!

Round 6 and 7! 7 was far more violent. I wish I could describe the sensation of pressure washing the inside of the toilet with my butt juice!

Right click to save me!

Round 8 done. I’m not even gonna wipe anymore. Just sit here. It’s like ..what…30-45 seconds between pooping? Pooping isn’t even a fitting description anymore.  I AM getting up for most times. Barely made it back in time for round 9. I think I’ll sit here til round 10

Right click to save me!

There goes round 10!  It’s amazing ’cause they’re all like the same amount of liquid poo. Like there’s a measuring system in my intestines and a shutoff valve, a pressure build up, and RELEASE!  …This bathroom is fucking freezing

Right click to save me!

Round 11!!  IT’S AMAZING!  No cramps or anything. Just a sudden urge to spew water from me bum

Right click to save me!

Almost didn’t pull my pants down in time for round 12! I think I better live here for a minute or two

Right click to save me!

Round 13!!!

Right click to save me!

Where the heck is round 14?

Right click to save me!

There’s 14!  …Oooh mum brought me her fuzzy blanket! I’m warm!!! And my asshole is killing me LOL! Vaseline and all. Omg.

The question was posed, “What if your mom has to go?” – referring to the one-bathroom AirBNB suite we shared for the evening.  My response?  “She’s screwed!”

Right click to save me!

Round 15 took a while haha

Right click to save me!

Omfg. Round 16 made up for 15’s delay!

Right click to save me!

I’m waiting for 17…There it is! I knew it was comin’!

Right click to save me!

Jim says hi. Oh…and ROUND 18!

Right click to save me!

Round 19! Soooo close to 20. I wonder how many til I stop. Then I gotta do another round of Suprep at 10. Omg.

Right click to save me!

Noooooo round 20!!!!! I think I’m done!

Image result for finish flag

Finished! 2 hours and 45 minutes after taking Suprep! 19 horrendous rounds of liquid-shits. And I now weighed 166.8 pounds. 

I had a few hours before having to begin the next dose of Suprep. I think Mum, hubby, and I just watched TV…and then, it was time. I dreaded the late-night start because all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but noooo, I had to poop instead.

Image result for round 2 fight
Right click to save me!

Down the hatch! (Second round of Suprep)

Right click to save me!

Roooound 1!!!!

Right click to save me!

And 2!

Right click to save me!

Insert Round 3 here. Omfg that one was fierce!

Right click to save me!


Right click to save me!

Round 5 was soooo loud I nearly vomited. Sounded just like a solid vomit

Right click to save me!

Oh God, round 6 didn’t wait long

Right click to save me!

#7!  I’m not even wiping anymore. Or flushing. Just sitting here, waiting, shitting, waiting, shitting, waiting lol

Right click to save me!

Omg 8 was amazing. This poor toilet

Right click to save me!

Round 9!! Is it over yet?


Right click to save me!

10!!! I thought I was safe so sat on the couch and had to run back in here….

Right click to save me!

11. Think we’ll top 20?

Right click to save me!

12! I feel like it’s been so much more than that …

Right click to save me!

….I think it stopped

Right click to save me!

That was a lie. Round 13 gurgled only after I laid down to rest. My poor bleeding butthole. Back in bed though. And btw…if I didn’t already say so….it’s clear

Image result for zzz

I slept straight through! No terrifying episodes of shitting the bed or getting up all night to poop! I thought I was in the clear. I was wrong.

Image result for sunrise

I wake up at 4:00 a.m.

Right click to save me!

Big ol gentle liquid poo.

Right click to save me!

Make that two giant liquid poos

Right click to save me!


Right click to save me!


Right click to save me!


We then had to head out to the hospital for my 5:00am check-in.  I used the restroom once before they sat me down (so, round #6)


Image result for poop emoji hospital

and AGAIN while being prepped for surgery.  Yep, my little booty waddled down the hallway with an IV in my arm, the surgery cap on, and sportin’ the beautiful hospital gown (round #7).  I oftentimes wonder if I shit during surgery? Guessing not.

Image result for tips & tricks

If you made it all the way down to the end of this blog, you’re amazing! I hope you had a good laugh. I know I did while I was reliving the memories! Alright, the promised tips & tricks I learned from my first bowel prep experience:

  • Follow those darned prep instructions. To the letter!
  • If allowed, drink the prep cold. THROUGH A STRAW. And as quickly as you can stomach.
  • Chase it with ice cold water or gatorade (if your doctor says it’s okay).
  • Invest in some comfy, soft, gentle, pampering butt wipes. Be careful, though, you may not be able to flush them with some plumbing systems. Just bring a small trash bag to be safe and haul that shit (literally) out when you’re all done.
  • That being said: don’t wipe every time. As you read above, some of the bouts o’liquid-poo are so close together, wiping made no sense. You’ll help save the environment, and the tender flesh of your bumhole.
  • Vaseline is your friend. TENDER bumhole!
  • Continue to drink water as instructed by the bowel prep instructions, but also make sure you don’t drink any after you’ve been commanded NO FOOD OR LIQUID before your procedure.
  • If you do end up falling asleep before you feel you’ve completed voided your liquid-bowels, make sure you get up a little earlier than planned to allow extra time to clear ’em out.
  • Bring a good book. Or your phone/tablet.
  • Bring a blanket!
  • Keep a positive attitude about the whole darned experience.
  • And treat yourself to something soothing when you’re back on your feet…you earned it!

Good luck with your prep! And whatever reason you’re having to complete it!

The Bowel Resection is Coming!

Diagram of the human large intestine
The red circle is the approximate area where my Endo is

If you’re one of my dedicated readers, you’ll remember that I had my third Endometriosis excision surgery on July 18th of this year.  You may remember that during that surgery it was discovered that I had a few big ol’ chunky Endo lesions on my bowels (where my small intestine and large intestine meet) that couldn’t be superficially removed.  A colo-rectal surgeon was brought into my surgery and advised that a bowel resection should take place.

The only problems?

  1. I hadn’t prepped for a bowel resection (oh man, it’s a whole process for the few days leading up to surgery);
  2. The colo-rectal surgeon wasn’t in my insurance network.

The plan?  That surgeon was going to apply to become a member of my network and I’d have my bowel surgery with him as soon as everything was legit.  I met with the colo-rectal surgeon on August 8th for a consultation (oddly enough covered by my insurance since he poked his head into my surgery) and had a discussion of our future plans.

I was told in August that the network acceptance process could take anywhere from one to three months.  So, I sat patiently…for a while.

A month passed.  Then I called my insurance company to see if there was anything they needed from me to speed along the process.  Nope.  Then I called my colo-rectal surgeon’s office to ask the same question.  Nope.  Big fat nopes all the way around.

So I waited another month and then googled my medical group assigned by my insurance company.  On their webpage was the name and telephone number of the Director of Networking – the person to whom inquiries were to be made if you were a physician looking to join the medical group.

So what did I do? I called and left a voicemail message.  A week later, I left a second message.  And a week after that, I left a message with her secretary.

The day I left my third message…she called me back. The Director! I don’t know what I expected, but certainly not what happened next.

She apologized for not calling me back sooner but stated she was having my medical history and records pulled to review.  She found that there was no mention of any pending referral or need for a bowel resection; which wasn’t unheard of since the surgeon wasn’t (yet) an in-network physician.  BUT Dr. Schutzel (my soon-to-be-colo-rectal surgeon) likely wouldn’t be approved for another three months. Early 2019!  I wanted to cry.

I briefly filled her in. Well, that’s a flat-out lie – you know I can’t do anything “briefly.” I mean, look at this blog entry already!  Anyway…she heard me out. All of it.  And offered a suggestion:  have my gyno-surgeon put together a written request explaining my need for a bowel resection and why we wanted it to be this particular out-of-network surgeon (rather than one of the four already in-network).  Then needed to tack on a copy of my July op report, and the Directory may…and I stress the word may…be able to get a one-time-only approval to have the out-of-network (aka yet-to-be-approved) surgeon covered by my insurance to do my surgery.

I gushed my appreciation and thank yous to her and hopped on the phone with my gyno’s office.  They prepped the letter the next day and sent it off!  A few days later: *abracadabra* I get a phone call (which I missed) and listened to in my voicemail.

It was the Director of Marketing…calling me after hours to let me know that the request had been APPROVED and the next step was to coordinate the surgery date!


She did it!! We did it! But I never would have known it was possible if it weren’t for her taking the time to review my records, listen to my tale, and offer the suggestion!

Literally less than a week from the day we spoke to the day she called to let me know it was approved!  I’m so grateful to her and my gyno’s office!

The following morning, I called the colo-rectal surgeon’s office to see if they needed any information from me.  By lunchtime the same day…everything was all set up:

My bowel resection is scheduled for Monday, November 26, 2018, at 7:15 in the morning!

And to make things even better?

  • It will be a robotic-assisted laparoscopy, using the DaVinci system (which is what’s been used for my three prior laparoscopies); Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd…
  • Dr. Kurtulus, my Endometriosis excision surgeon (and gyno and incredible human being) will be scrubbed in and at-the-ready to take a peek under the hood to look to see how I’m doing since my July surgery! And to excise any Endo they may spot along the way!

The double-whammy!!

I’m so comforted by the fact that my medical care team fought for this to be approved and scheduled so quickly.  But the super-duper comforting thought?  Dr. Kurtulus, my gyno and my surgeon, made himself available (and insisted on being present) for my colo-rectal surgery.  And influenced the decision for the surgery to be robotic-assisted.

And…this entire endeavor is a huge reminder on why we should be persistent and self-advocate.

Now here’s my question to you gals and guys:  If you’ve ever had a bowel resection, do you have any tips for surgery prep, recovery, or diet?  I have my pre-op packet and I’m sure I’ll receive a whole slew of post-op instructions…but I also like to hear your experiences and suggestions.   If so, drop me a comment below! Please!!

I’m so excited. So ready.  So appreciative!