Surgeries for Diaphragmatic Endometriosis


A video released on April 19, 2016, discusses three surgical options for removing diaphragmatic Endometriosis.   As you may know, I have Endometriosis on my diaphragm (and I’m not talking about the birth control), as do several other women that I know.  What does that mean?  Read all about Endo and the lungs here or diaphragmatic Endo here.  If you’d like to know what Endometriosis looks like inside some women, fast forward to the 4:01 mark of the video…

This video was particularly interesting to me because I may, one day, require the thoracoscopic surgery to remove the lesions/implants from my diaphragm.  My surgeon let me know that he wasn’t able to get it all in 2014 because you simply cannot see all of the diaphragm via laparoscopic surgery.  This video confirms it.

Warning : the video is graphic and is not safe for work.

I’m grateful to Gary for helping me access this video, and for his interest in helping others.  Thanks, Gary. ❤