Toxic Clothing?


Some of you may have read my blog entry about tampons and dioxins (if you haven’t, you can here), which struck up a conversation with one of my friends : what about rayon in clothes?

So, while I began my research I decided to do something different.  Rather than write a blog about rayon and the possible exposure to chemicals and dioxin, I decided to just share the links with you.  There are many!

If you’re worried about over-exposure to chemicals, toxins, or dioxins with your food and household products, what about your clothing?  It’s on you all day, and up against your skin – soaking in all things!!

Is there merit behind these articles?  That’s your question to answer…Happy reading!

Body EcologyThe Top 6 Fabrics You Should Avoid Wearing and Why

ESSAICan This Outfit Make Me Toxic? written April 1, 2011, by Alana Shuma

Green Choices Environmental Impacts

Natural NewsBeware of Hidden Toxic Sources in New Clothes – Always Wash Them Before Wearing written September 1, 2012, by P.F. Louis

Natural SocietyChemical Clothing: Which Hidden Toxins Are You Wearing? written April 8, 2013, by Paul Fassa

Six WiseThe Six+ Synthetic Fabrics You Most Want to Avoid, and Why

The Healthy ElephantAre You “Wearing” Your Way to Cancer? written August 20, 2013, by Laurie

TreehuggerWhatever Happened to: Bamboo Clothing written July 27, 2014, by Lloyd Alter

Quantum TechniquesBusted: Bamboo Fabric Loaded with Toxic Chemicals written by Sarah Bun

Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?


Environmental toxins may play a role in the development and progression of Endometriosis?


Do I sound like a dirty hippy?  Maybe.  But there are a lot of theories out there about what may cause or influence Endometriosis.  But scientific studies have been long-published, and are also newly-emerging, that support the evidence that environmental toxins play a role in Endo’s development and progression.

A study published in the 2015 book “Endometriosis A Comprehensive Update” discusses just those factors.  The abstract states, “[h]uman exposure to toxins is often unavoidable, but measures including a detailed history taken by clinicians and lifestyle changes can help detect and limit exposure and assist in the body’s detoxification processes. Growing evidence suggests a possible link between endometriosis and environmental pollutants.”

So I may sound like a dirty hippy, which is okay by me, but the chemicals and toxins that we expose our bodies to may very well play a role in the progression of this disease.  You may want to do a little bit more digging on this subject.