My name is Lisa.  I’m a 30-something-year-old typical happy-go-lucky, crazy, young woman.  On June 30, 2014, I had a routine surgery, which ended up with a “Surprise! You have Endometriosis” diagnosis.  More on my struggles and journey with Endo can be found here.  Since my recovery, I’ve been doing everything I can to not only learn about my disease, but also help raise awareness.  During these efforts, I’m also helping any way possible to raise funds for various foundations and charities to aid in the research and development of treatments and, hopefully, one day a cure.

I pledge to my readers, fellow EndoSisters, and anyone else: I will never seek to profit from this.  I will freely share anything I’ve learned with you.  The money raised in a Bloomin’ Uterus fundraiser will never enter my personal pocket: I will donate it to a charity of my choosing whom I have fully researched and trust to do the most with our money.  Any support groups, meet-ups, or walks I organize will never charge admission or registration.  Nor will they be a platform for those who seek to self promote their interests and products for profit, popularity, political or personal gain. You are not a consumer to me.  You are my Sister.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free by filling out this form:




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  1. Ya know, having endometriosis may suck, but at the very least you know what the cause of your pain is. I never had a diagnosis to refer to — simply dysmenorrhea and unexplained infertility. Sorry you have this … and just know that you are NOT alone!


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  2. great attitude! it’s great to see how positive you are feeling. (although i have to guess that there’s a lot of difficult feelings under the surface.) at least you can feel that you are doing something to help yourself, not mentioning how you’re helping people more aware of the disease. i run into people who have never heard of it pretty often.

    one thing that pisses me off to no end is people (especially men) get really grossed out and say TMI or just say they don’t want to hear it. it seems like they’ think it’s a woman’s issue and we should keep it to ourselves. they can talk about lung cancer, but not about endometriosis because it’s a woman’s disease and it’s about our reproductive cringe and act disgusted as though you’r “unclean” like, biblically unclean.

    we’re not even allowed to talk about our debilitating disease without at someone thing that we ourselves are disgusting and if we weren’t we wouldn’t be talking about our uterus or anything to do with periods. sometimes those people make me so angry i’d love to give them a big punch in the nose!

    there is no more shame in having endometriosis than having something like…lung cancer? diabetes? lupus?

    i hope you’re able to help women share their struggles with confidence. ❤ sounds like you're doing the right thing!

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  3. Lisa,
    Thanks for liking a post about endo on my blog. I’ve had endo since 1988….have had a few laparoscopies and had a hysterectomy over 2 years ago, followed by another laparoscopy. Pelvic pain is back and I am facing another surgery, even though I’m post menopausal. Like you,I am beginning to post on my blog about my experience and add information to promote awareness.

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    1. Hi Jackie! I’m looking forward to reading your posts 🙂 I’m sorry to hear your pain has returned and am hoping you find some form of relief…I’ve heard tales of post-hysterectomy, post-menopausal women with recurring Endo pain. Relentless disease just loves you too much to say goodbye 😉 Hang in there, woman. And together we can raise some amazing awareness!


  4. This is a great website, just spent a half hour reading through all your posts, so informative, thank you for pulling so much information together. It’s so frustrating that medical research is only in the early stages of such a debilitating and heartbreaking disease. Would love to help raise awareness where I can too SC x

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  5. Hello Lisa! I’m so happy to find this blog. I spent some time reading the different readers’ stories and your posts here – They are so great! I feel so much less alone, which was exactly my hope in starting to connect here. Thank you for sharing so much and for the positivity.

    p.s. I’ve always wanted to go to Burning Man – it looks like an amazing experience!!! I don’t know if I’ll ever make it there, but seeing all the artwork and costumes online is just amazing.


    1. Awwwwwwwww, you’re so welcome! And thank you for letting me know 🙂 I’m glad to hear of the connection you now feel with so many others. It’s all I’ve ever wanted with this blog: a reminder that each one of us is not alone, that we are still beautiful and human, even in our state of brokenness. ❤ PS – one day you will make it to the Burn. 🙂


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