New Clinical Trial for Endometriosis: Edelweiss

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Most of you know how I feel about clinical trials, but my own personal thought aside: another one has hit my inbox and is currently recruiting. I wanted to share it with you in case YOU wanted to look into it deeper and apply.

The Edelweiss Study is for Endometriosis.  From what I can research, it appears to be medicine-based and may be a pill-form.  If you’re totally cool with participating in a drug-based clinical trial, give it a go. I will never judge or try to talk you out of it. ❤

There are locations conducting the study in both Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as other locations around the United States.  For more information and to enroll in the study, please visit the Edelweiss site for more information.


From what I can gather from, the Phase2 of the OBE2109/Edelweiss study started in 2016 and ended in July of 2019 for women with Endometriosis pain. No results were posted.   Studies are currently going on with the same drug regarding fibroids (with and without the Add-Back pill).  And a safety study was conducted of a drug named “Linzagolix” (aka OBE2109) on women with impaired liver function.  No results were posted. Linzagolix is made by Obseva and is a GnRH receptor antagonist.  According to Obseva’s webpage, Clinical Trials Phase 3 are looking to enroll 900 women. A quick google search of Linzagolix & Edelweiss confirms it’s one and the same.   I’m no medical doctor, but I know that Orilissa (AbbVie’s pill similar to Lupron Depot) is a GnRH antagonist.  I am assuming the risks and side effects may be similar. Please do your research, make an informed decision, and never be afraid to opt out of a study once you’ve already enrolled.


Edelweiss Study


~ Again, I am a layman. I do not hold any college degrees, nor mastery of knowledge. Please take what I say with a grain of salt. If curious, do your own research. Validate my writings. Or challenge them. And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Always. Yours ~ Lisa

New Clinical Trial for Endometriosis Pain

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An EndoSister shared a page with me describing a new clinical trial for women suffering with Endometriosis pain. It’s a vaginal ring that delivers *some type* of medication. There wasn’t much information on the site about what type of medication…

If you’re interested in seeing if you qualify for the clinical trial, you can submit your application by answering a few questions on ResearchMyEndo’s site. Once you’re talking to a representative, be sure to ask questions like what type of medication is it (pain medication? GnRH agonist? GnRH antagonist? potential side effects? options to leave the study, etc.) AND (most importantly), you may not want to read any further of this blog entry because I don’t want to reduce your chances of being accepted if researching the product is a disqualifying factor.

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Research Outsmarts Endometriosis


For those of you with Endometriosis, The Feinstein Institute was commissioned by the Endometriosis Foundation of America to conduct a study of 200 women each year.  It’s time to do something! We (the women!) provide either a blood sample or a saliva sample, as well as answer a few questions, and (optional) provide a sample of our menstrual blood.  Some women are even able to provide samples that were biopsied in past surgeries, and can ask for the future surgery biopsied tissues to be handed over as well.  Members of your family who do not have Endo may also participate.  Again, trying to study all aspects of this disease…including those NOT affected.

The Feinstein Institute will process all of this data and research to help understand Endometriosis on a cellular and genetic level!  One day there will be better treatments. Better answers.  And a CURE!  Steps like these will only lead to the right direction.

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