2020 Endo Walk

2019 Endo Awareness Walk Group Photo by Compass Media Productions
2019 Group Photo by Compass Media Productions; view the full rez by clicking on the photo

Announcement, March 14th 2020: The city of San Diego has cancelled gatherings and permitted events and our walk will be rescheduled to a later date pending the outcome of the covid-19 pandemic. Please stay tuned!

March 28, 2020
10:00am to 2:00pm

NTC Park at Liberty Station
Preble Field; 2455 Cushing Road, San Diego, CA (near the intersection of Dewey & Cushing Roads)

Do you suffer from Endometriosis? Does your wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, granddaughter, or friend?    Being able to be around those who suffer just like you or your loved one is invaluable.  And bonding with other caregivers of someone with Endometriosis is equally important!  Come. Walk with us.

March is Endometriosis Awareness month! 2015 was the first Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness/Support Walk with 20 attendees and we’ve since raised $8,837 for the Endometriosis Foundation of America!   What started as 20 people in 2015 grew to nearly 300 people in 2019! This year we’ve partnered with local San Diego non-profit Gifts 2 Help to make our walk even more special.

Check-in opens at 10:00am; walk begins promptly at 11:00.  There will be vendors and information booths to peruse before and after the walk. The actual walk around NTC Park is approximately one mile and should take 20-60 minutes, depending on everyone’s pace.  There will be vendors, information booths, a raffle, and speeches, too. If you would like to join us in the park afterward to eat, please feel free to bring a sack lunch and beverages.  Or, if you prefer, there are several nearby restaurants.

WANT TO JOIN US?  Register at the bottom of this page

If you have questions or would like more information, you can email me.  We also meet once a month in San Diego for a Support Group meeting.

2020’s walk will once more take place at the historic Naval Training Center Park at Liberty Station.  Due to various Stages of the disease, pain levels, and abilities, the route is approximately one mile in length around the park’s border along the sidewalks.  You are more than welcome to make several laps if you desire. Check-in will be set up at a marked booth in Preble Field, close to the intersection of Dewey Road and Cushing Road.  Free parking is available throughout the park, but please be aware of parking limits posted at Liberty Station.


The walk is free, but, all attendees must register (I’ll keep your info private).  However, we do ask for donations to help cover the costs of the walk.

Suggested donations are:
Children 0-2 years old: Free
Children 2-18 years old: $2 each
Adults 18 years and older: $5 each

Donation money received for registration will go into a special blocked account through Gifts 2 Help to pay for future Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis walks and events. As such, the donation is tax deductible!

Due to permitting restrictions, we are limited to 600 attendees.  You’re under NO obligation to donate or help raise money. We’re just looking for good company for the day, support for those of us who suffer from Endometriosis and to help raise awareness toward this horrible disease.  And wear yellow!!!

Want to donate/sponsor?  This year you have a few options:

First, donating funds to the Endometriosis Foundation of America and earning a Bloomin’ Uterus button.  A $2 donation buys you a Bloomin’ Uterus button. All donations are directly sent to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. These funds do not go to cover the costs of the walk, but will go toward helping a wonderful organization continue to research the disease.

Secondly, you can purchase a Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, mug, stickers, or towel!  And, again, all profits are donated directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

And lastly, if you’d prefer to help with expenses incurred by Bloomin’ Uterus for permit and walk fees, you can donate directly to Gifts 2 Help to cover costs. Any amount will be lovingly accepted, but an official sponsorship may be achieved with any $100+ donation and will earn you (or your business) special love and respect and a few blog mentions (all sponsorship requests must be approved by a committee). Any funds donated to Gifts 2 Help are tax deductible. Donations can be made either via PayPal, Gofundme, Facebook, or even a check. Please contact me for more information.

Sponorship Level: if you would like to sponsor the event, it’s a minimum donation of $130. Just get in contact with me and we can talk. Sponsors receive a special thanks and exposure on our pages.


A huge thank you to each of our sponsors! Your efforts will allow us to bring this even to San Diego time and time again!

Erin made an anonymous donation, which earned her a sponsorship title! She's been a friend of mine for many years and has been so very supportive of my Endo journey, and the journeys of my EndoSisters.  Although she doesn't reside in San Diego, her presence is well-known in our group and her support is endless.

Erin Curlee: Erin made an anonymous donation, which earned her a sponsorship title! She’s been a friend of mine for many years and has been so very supportive of my Endo journey, and the journeys of my EndoSisters. Although she doesn’t reside in San Diego, her presence is well-known in our group and her support is endless.

Special Flower Oil Co

Special Flower Oil Co: Not only are the owners of Special Flower Oil Co wonderful friends of mine, but they have created incredible, Endo-friendly skincare products. If you have a special request, they’ll even take the time to specially-formulate something to better suit your needs! Coming to the walk? You can meet them there and peruse their wares. Not coming? Check out the webpage!

Dr. Rosebudz: A local supplier of CBD products, Dr. Rosebudz offered a public workshop a few years ago about how CBD products may help those who suffer with Endometriosis. Her products have helped several of our BU EndoSisters. This year not only is Dr. Rosebudz a sponsor of our event, but she will have a booth available at the Walk. Do you have questions? Check her out. And peruse her wares on the day of the event. She’ll offer CBD salves, lotions, full spectrum tinctures, nano tinctures, and suppositories for sale.

Estey & Bomberger, LLP: Leading trial attorneys in San Diego, the firm of Estey & Bomberger litigates personal injury and sexual abuse cases from all over the United States. They have been recognized for their efforts recently in the media for cases sexual assault cases involving rideshare drivers assaulting passengers, coaches assaulting athletes, teachers assaulting minor students, and members of the clergy assaulting parishioners. While their sexual abuse cases may be emotionally inflammatory and memorable, E&B also handles personal injury cases such as auto v auto, pedestrian v auto, bicyclist v auto, etc. Not only are they incredible attorneys with great skill and compassion, but they’re the employers of Lisa Howard, the founder of Bloomin’ Uterus. Although this may sound biased, it’s not: they truly do care about their clients and achieving the best outcome possible for each case.

Natural Harmony Reproductive Health is an integrative clinic dedicated to providing compassionate, integrative, expert reproductive healthcare. An endo warrior herself, Dr. Merritt Jones specializes in the integrative treatment of endometriosis, recognizing that while no two people’s stories are exactly alike, many endo warriors have faced a long and arduous road and have had to fight to be seen, heard, and properly cared for. She believes that people living with endo deserve better.  Natural Harmony takes an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of endo, offering functional medicine evaluation, acupuncture, nutrition therapy, herbal and supplemental therapy, lab testing and lifestyle support and more. The clinic will also happily work alongside patient’s other providers to provide truly integrative and collaborative care. Look for their booth at this year’s walk, too!

The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is an amazing community that strives to awaken the minds of others to endless possibilities in life, break social taboos, educate, and raise awareness in all aspects of health, sexuality, and them some! We’re so grateful the Sisters have sponsored our walk and will also be present with a booth!

Woman in red dress standing in flower field

Mary Van Buhler is a fellow EndoWarrior who has an incredibly positive attitude toward the fight ahead and is here to support other Warriors, too! Thank you, Mary, for your generous donation!

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Centers provides pelvic floor therapy to people with pelvic pain, Endometriosis, and many other issues. They also the medical and civilian community about pelvic health, host a blog, speak at events, and have published a book on pelvic health. We’re so grateful for their support for our walk!


For the first time, our walk will information booths and vendors! Below is a list of our confirmed vendors an booths (this will be updated regularly):

Bloomin’ Uterus – That’s right! There will be a little information booth by yours truly. Come visit, say hi, ask questions. Learn about our support group, both online and face-to-face meetings. We’ll also be providing information brochures by the Endometriosis Foundation of America and giving away free bracelets from the EFA. And if you’d like to purchase a BU button or yellow silicone bracelet, they’ll be located at the BU booth. AND ONE MORE THING: There will be prizes for opportunity drawings! Swing on by, buy your tickets, and good luck!

Dr. RoseBudz – A local supplier of CBD products, Dr. Rosebudz offered a public workshop a few years ago about how CBD products may help those who suffer with Endometriosis. Her products have helped several of our BU EndoSisters. She’ll offer CBD salves, lotions, full spectrum tinctures, nano tinctures, and suppositories for sale

FeelGood Lifestyle – Founded by an EndoWarrior and a Hashimoto’s survivor, FeelGood Lifestyle has created a community for women to come together and provide products and events to help them feel better. They have a 3rd party tested line of CBD products–pain salve, lotion, and oil, including a roller with CBD and essential oils for women during their periods to help relieve pain. And, Feel Good Lifestyle has some of the comfiest Endo Warrior shirts I’ve ever worn.  🙂 

Good Little Fly – Brandy Sebastian is an EndoWarrior and a talented photographer and has envisioned Project Endo. A photographic and linguistic journey to raise global awareness through imagery and words.  Come meet with Brandy, see examples of her work, and if you’re interested in modeling for the project or supporting it in any way, let her know!

Natural Harmony Reproductive Health – Merritt Jones is the founder of Natural Harmony Reproductive, and also an EndoSister! In her clinic, she and her team offer integrative services including acupuncture, nutrition therapy, functional lab testing, herbs & supplements, lifestyle evaluation, and a special endometriosis program!  Merritt’s been my acupuncturist for a few years now and she’s been a huge support in my personal Endo journey.

OhNut – Ohnut is changing the conversation about discomfort during sex, with a mission-driven wearable that customizes penetration depth. For those experiencing pain when penetration goes too deep, Ohnut gives couples the ability to stack 1 to 4 soft rings around a penetrating partner (ex. a penis), which compress down, like a buffer! Rings can be added or removed at any time during any position. It’s a new way to explore what depths feel good – for both partners. Please visit the Ohnut booth at our walk or visit their page for more information! AND the company will be donating three…yes THREE…Ohnuts for our raffle.  

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Centers – Do you have questions about pelvic floor therapy? Searching for a provider? Search no more. Stephanie and Jandra will be manning this booth at our walk and will answer ALL of your questions!

San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – I cannot tell you how excited I am that the Sisters are officially joining our event! Many of you know Sister Donatella Soul and Saint Angel Con Cuernos, but did you know that several other Sisters have battled Endometriosis, too? So, their booth is near and dear to my heart. “The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Asylum of the Tortured Heart, performs public service by educating the community on safety and health issues through outreach, promoting awareness through street theater, guiding spiritual enlightenment, abolishing bigotry and hatred and working to end stereotypes. The Asylum supports, works with, and raises funds for other charitable non-profit organizations.” Not only do they do INCREDIBLE things to help San Diego’s community grow and strengthen, but their loving nature and endless support is invaluable in this day and age. ❤

Special Flower Oil Co – Raul and Yuliya Montes started Special Flower Oil Co to provide natural bath and body products that they could use themselves and share with others.    Natural ingredients combined with true compassion and integrity sets Special Flower Oil apart from other soap and bath product manufacturers.  Soaps, oils, lotions, lip balms, bath balms, scrubs, face masks…and did I mention hemp & CBD bath bombs, too?  Come see what makes Special Flower Oil Company so…well…special. ❤

The Endo Doula – Not only is Kinsey an EndoWarrior herself, but she is an experienced doula, offering postpartum support, nutritious postpartum meals, endometriosis support, providing trauma-informed care, healing stretching, and bereavement support.  Kinsey will be at the walk to answer questions you may have about her services and your own birthing journey.  Please stop by The Endo Doula and say hello.

If you are interested in having a booth at our Endometriosis Awareness and Support Walk, please contact me. The booth should be somewhat related to Endometriosis and your application will have to go through a review process. The suggested donation price per booth is $75. Or, if you’d prefer, you can donate an item to our Bingo Game and/or Opportunity Drawing and the suggested booth donation will be reduced to just $50.

 This walk is not associated with EndoMarch.

Truly looking forward to walking with you all!

Yours, Lisa


(Please do not use an iPhone.  Some people have experienced problems.  If you do not receive a separate confirmation email from me with further details, I did not receive your registration!  If you cannot register via this webpage, please try this alternate form.  If that doesn’t work, please email me and I will register you manually.)  

If you do not receive an email titled “Confirmation 2020 Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk”…it means I did NOT receive your registration and I’ve not got you down.  Please check your spam.

Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk is administered in San Diego County by Gifts 2 Help Nonprofit Organization and Bloomin’ Uterus

12 thoughts on “2020 Endo Walk

  1. Endometriosis sufferer. Wish I could join you but I live in Canada. If ever there is one around here I will certainly go. Thanks to all of you who will participate or financially support.!


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