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Our Anthem?

I’m spending my evening burning old CDs onto a USB drive. And my husband had gifted me this album a few years ago…and I lost my shit burning this album onto USB tonight. I had forgotten about the CD because my car no longer has a CD player and it sat, neglected and dusty. “Warrior” […]

Feel Good Fridays

Well, it’s the first Friday of March! Endometriosis Awareness Month is upon us! How was your week? Mine was busy with work, yard work, and not enough sleep. Which brings me to today’s quote: “Respect your body when it’s asking you for a break. Respect your mind when it’s seeking rest. Honor yourself when you […]

Pain Journal: February 2021

Welcome to March 1st! Not only is it Endometriosis Awareness Month, but it’s time for me to share my February pain journal!! If you’d prefer to watch a video instead of reading, here’s a wee video: But if you’d rather read (or do both), you can totally do that, too!! Let’s see: