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Feel Good Fridays!

Whew. I’ve had a late start to my day! How was your week? I just want to take a moment to remind you that it’s okay to set aside time for yourself, to just relax, breathe, recover, and rest. Put on an eyemask and headphones, block everything out, and breathe. Maybe even take a nap. […]

Feel Good Fridays

Good morning and happy Friday! April is upon us! Already. I hope that you are doing well. For today’s quote, I rummaged through the Quotationary book my mother gave me. And I found a wee quote that I really enjoyed. “My body which my dungeon is, And yet my parks and palaces….” ~Robert Louis Stevenson; […]

Feel Good Fridays

It’s Friday! The last one in March. I swear, where does time time go? Today’s inspirational quote is actually a poem, Dare to Be, by Steve Maraboli. “When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully. When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light. When there is injustice, dare to […]