Happy Diagnosiversary…

Candle shaped like the number 7 burning atop a sprinkled cake

Seven years ago today I received my Endometriosis diagnosis.

All of my pain had a cause. I had some type of confirmation.

And it’s been seven years of learning. Devouring any and all information I can get my hands on. Books, blogs, articles, medical studies. All of it.

And seven years of support: to others and from others.

Seven years of ups and downs. Emotional rollercoasters. Breakdowns. Uplifting moments. Times when I realized I’m stronger than I feel.

It’s been insane.

Seven years. Six surgeries. Five Endo walks.

So, to myself: happy diagnosiversary. You’ve come a long way, baby. And you’ve got the strength and support to keep going.

To fellow warriors: We’re in this together. Side by side, hand in hand.

To all of you, whether this is your first time here or you’re a long-time supporter: thank you. For everything.

To my surgical team and their staff: you’re amazing. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

And to my mom, husband, and Team Poo (you know who you are): I could not do this without you.

Onward and upward!

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July 2018; photo by Brandy Sebastian
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Our Anthem?

Uncle Wally holding Aunty Mona's hand.
My Aunt holding the hand of her husband, my incredible Uncle, on his deathbed. (RIP)

I’m spending my evening burning old CDs onto a USB drive. And my husband had gifted me this album a few years ago…and I lost my shit burning this album onto USB tonight. I had forgotten about the CD because my car no longer has a CD player and it sat, neglected and dusty.

“Warrior” by The Tragic Tantrum.

The title. The lyrics. The message. Thank you for always being there to hold my hand. And the hands of our fellow Warriors. None of us are alone in this fight.

If you’d like to read the lyrics, please check out The Tragic Tantrum.

Honoring Our Excision Surgeons

group photo overlooking winery

This is an old post I’ve been wanting to write up for over a year! OVER A YEAR!! So, I’m finally just sitting down and doing it!

As many of you know, I LOVE my excision surgeon, Dr. Mel Kurtulus from San Diego Women’s Health. And back in September of 2019, I reached out to EndoWarriors I knew were also clients of his to see if they wanted to help honor him and his staff in some way. And we began to play a fun wine & dine event to say thank you.

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A Pillow for your Pelvis!

Hi guys! You know me: I meet a vendor, I fall in love with their product, and I share it here with you.

You may remember a few years ago when I blogged about my microwaveable heating pad made by Pelvic Pain Solutions. I love it. And still use it. And the best news? They’re coming back in stock soon! YAY!

Today, I wanted to share about their coccyx pillow. I use one at work. And I had one for my home computer chair, but recently gave it to my mom! The one at home is the “travel/foldable” version and it went with me to my car as well as restaurants and outings (when those were a thing…).

I sit at an office chair eight hours a day. The pillow alleviates a lot of stress, tension, and discomfort. And was so helpful in getting me back to sitting at the unpadded computer chair at home after my recent surgery.

Mom sat on it and said her tailbone pain immediately vanished! Then she leaned against it draped on the back fo the chair and her neck pain vanished! So…I gave it to her. And just ordered another one!

Babette, the gal who owns and runs Pelvic Pain Solutions (Yay for small business!) is also an EndoWarrior. Which is one more reason I’ll continue to support her shop!

I’m so in love with Babette and her products and gushed and raved about how wonderful my mom loved them, too! So, what did she do?

She offered a discount code to our Bloomin’ Uterus readers! One-time use only, but get 20% off of your very own coccyx pillow..whether it be the full-size version or the travel version! The code is PRETTYPUPPY20 (yes, we named my pillow “Pretty Puppy” ’cause it’s a gorgeous shade of coral).

Go shopping! I purchased the foldable/travel bleach-cleanable pillow in coral, but she has so many options to choose from! And…I also picked up a bottle of hemorrhoid/fissure cream for my recent butt-adventures (I ran it by my colo-rectal surgeon first, so yay, it’s butthole-doctor-approved!).

Check out her goods.

And see if the coccyx pillow eases any of your pains or discomfort. And lemme know how you like (or don’t like) it…

Be well!

PS – I don’t make anything off of endorsing Pelvic Pain Solution’s products. I’m just sharing because of how much I love it. But moreso because of how much it helped my Mum. And Babette’s generous offer of a discount code to our readers.

Best Endo Blogs of 2020!

Oh my goodness! I’m so honored and flabbergasted and excited:

Healthline has named Bloomin’ Uterus as one of the best Endometriosis blogs of 2020! Among some incredible sites that I respect and look up to! OH MY GOODNESS!

If you’d like to check out everyone who made the list, please go to Healthline’s article!

I know I haven’t been as active on the blog these past few months, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on it! 🙂 I’ve got several drafted pieces, research tucked aside, and I just need to tweak ’em and post more!

Thank you, Healthline, for the honor!

Sponsor Highlight: Pelvic Pain Rehab

As you may know, we are hosting (along with the non-profit organization, Gifts 2 Help) our 2020 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk. This is the first year we’ve asked for sponsorships and today I’d like to honor Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Pelvic floor therapy has been shown to help many people suffering with Endometriosis, as well as many other causes of pelvic pain. Not only have PHRC sponsored the event, but they’ll have a booth at the walk! Stephanie Prendergast, MPT and Jandra Mueller, DPT will be available to answer all of your questions!

And if you’re looking forward to our opportunity drawing, they’re also donating two copies of the book Pelvic Pain Explained as well as a free pelvic floor therapy session with Jandra!

Thank you, Stephanie, Jandra, and all the staff at Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center for sponsoring our walk, for making yourselves available on the weekend to answer questions, and for such a big supportive force to so many Warriors!

Instagram: Under New Management

We’ve undergone some changes and had to create a new Instragram account. One of our group admins, Nicole, is an IG-queen (I kind of know nothing about it) and will be posting entertaining and thoughtful things to get us through this Journey together. If IG is your thing, give us a follow.

And if you ever have a funny meme or something you’d like our IG to share, send a direct message to Nicole on our IG account!