A Pillow for your Pelvis!

Hi guys! You know me: I meet a vendor, I fall in love with their product, and I share it here with you.

You may remember a few years ago when I blogged about my microwaveable heating pad made by Pelvic Pain Solutions. I love it. And still use it. And the best news? They’re coming back in stock soon! YAY!

Today, I wanted to share about their coccyx pillow. I use one at work. And I had one for my home computer chair, but recently gave it to my mom! The one at home is the “travel/foldable” version and it went with me to my car as well as restaurants and outings (when those were a thing…).

I sit at an office chair eight hours a day. The pillow alleviates a lot of stress, tension, and discomfort. And was so helpful in getting me back to sitting at the unpadded computer chair at home after my recent surgery.

Mom sat on it and said her tailbone pain immediately vanished! Then she leaned against it draped on the back fo the chair and her neck pain vanished! So…I gave it to her. And just ordered another one!

Babette, the gal who owns and runs Pelvic Pain Solutions (Yay for small business!) is also an EndoWarrior. Which is one more reason I’ll continue to support her shop!

I’m so in love with Babette and her products and gushed and raved about how wonderful my mom loved them, too! So, what did she do?

She offered a discount code to our Bloomin’ Uterus readers! One-time use only, but get 20% off of your very own coccyx pillow..whether it be the full-size version or the travel version! The code is PRETTYPUPPY20 (yes, we named my pillow “Pretty Puppy” ’cause it’s a gorgeous shade of coral).

Go shopping! I purchased the foldable/travel bleach-cleanable pillow in coral, but she has so many options to choose from! And…I also picked up a bottle of hemorrhoid/fissure cream for my recent butt-adventures (I ran it by my colo-rectal surgeon first, so yay, it’s butthole-doctor-approved!).

Check out her goods.

And see if the coccyx pillow eases any of your pains or discomfort. And lemme know how you like (or don’t like) it…

Be well!

PS – I don’t make anything off of endorsing Pelvic Pain Solution’s products. I’m just sharing because of how much I love it. But moreso because of how much it helped my Mum. And Babette’s generous offer of a discount code to our readers.

2 thoughts on “A Pillow for your Pelvis!

  1. Interesting idea. But that pricetag? Too hefty, even with the discount. However it *has* given me inspiration to separate a boat seat in half and attach the pieces w some fabric. Then again, I’m a total cheapskate… this would be an Amazon wish-list kinda thang for me. 💛🎗

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