Next Support Meeting:

May 20, 2017, 11:00am-2:00pm
WorldBeach Cultural Center; 2100 Park Boulevard; San Diego, CA 92101
This meeting will start off a little differently than most! We’re going to be collecting donations of Tampons, Pads, Pantiliners, Feminine Wipes, Soap, and Underwear for the We are #HappyPeriod San Diego folks to later distribute feminine hygiene kits for the homeless women of San Diego.
Once we meet up, we’ll be retreating to a shady bench or two to have our meeting. Feel free to bring a brown-bag lunch and picnic 😀
Parking may be difficult on the street, but there are a few parking lots in the area.
And a HUGE thank you to Toni for discovering #HappyPeriod and helping plan!
Feel free to RSVP at our Facebook page

Live in the San Diego area, but can’t attend our meetings?  Please feel free to join our private Facebook group of SD-based EndoSisters:  Don’t have Facebook?  Join our Google Groups email exchange:!forum/bloominuterusendosupport

Endometriosis is an incurable condition that causes infertility, chronic inflammation, internal bleeding , internal scarring, a lot of pain, and other issues. It affects over 176 million women and girls worldwide; 8.5 million in North America alone (stats from Endometriosis Foundation of America). The scientific and medical community cannot agree upon a single, validated cause of Endometriosis. However, they do all agree that there is no cure.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis in June of 2014. And I’ve since been searching for a community support group where other San Diego-area EndoSisters could come together to assist one another in an exchange of information and emotional support. I was unable to find one, but did learn that several of my close friends also suffered from Endometriosis. Having not found a community group, we created one and our first meeting took place in January 2015. And we’ve continued to meet every month since, and our numbers have continued to grow.

Come join us! EndoSisters from all over San Diego County come together for food, drinks, sharing our stories, tears, and hugs. we cannot express to you how wonderful it is to just open up with women who understand exactly what you’re going through…because we are going through it, too!

We understand that your pain is real, that your story is your own, and privacy is respected. You are not alone in your struggles…Many of us have faced the same problems you have. Doctors who are not properly informed, people telling you your condition is purely psychosomatic, being told that your pain is not real, employers without an understanding of your condition, family and friends who do not understand why you may not be able to join them during an EndoFlare, the depression, hopelessness and isolation associated with this disease for which so little information is available…

We seek to provide a safe environment for our Sisterhood in which they are not bullied into any specific doctrines, but rather verified information based in scientific research and simply exchange what other methods have worked with each other to relieve the pain and live as fully as we can. You do not have to endure this alone.

Come share with us. Or just come and listen. Sometimes we don’t even talk about Endo at all. It’s a completely stress-free environment: no expectations, no judgments. We are simply here for each other.

We will never seek to profit from this. We will freely share anything we’ve learned with each other. Self-promotion, sales of items, fundraisers, and business networking are prohibited from these meetings. Any support groups, meet-ups, or walks we organize will never charge admission or registration. Nor will they be a platform for those who seek to self promote their interests and products for profit, popularity, political, or personal gain. You are not a target demographic to us to profit from or use for self-advancement. We are sisters and will do for each other as sisters do. This is our Code.

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