2022 Endo AwarEness Virtual Walk

This year, we’ll be co-hosting an Endometriosis Awareness Walk with Gifts-2-Help: virtually

Covid’s still got us down, but we’re still able to get out and walk! Alone or with loved ones – it’s your choice.

March 26, 2022

Check out Eventbrite for more information regarding our free virtual walk.

Free Pain Journaling Webinar

Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis on Pexels.com

Join us tomorrow, November 19, 2021, at 5:00pm PST and learn about different ways you can track your symptoms, pain, medication usage, etc. And learn how that may help not only you, but your healthcare providers, too!


Brought to you by the NY Endoville Endometriosis Support Group. And speaking? Yours truly!

Let’s do this!

Mon., Nov. 15, online support group

Hi Warriors!

I have a friend who is hosting a free Zoom Endo peer-to-peer support group meeting this Monday at 5pm PST (she’s on East Coast time). There’s availability still for people (it’s limited to 20) and she asked if any of you wanted to attend. Need some face-to-face time? Want to share? Listen? Be there for others? Need to talk to others about your own situation? The last 15 minutes of the event she’s going to have a LCSW clinician step in to guide and talk, too.

This meeting will occur every 3rd Monday of the moth!

Be heard.


If you know me, you know I’m not tech savvvy – so I was grateful for her offer!

Pain Journaling Webinar

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

Exciting news!

I’m teaming up with NY Endoville Endometriosis Support Group in presenting a free webinar about pain journaling!

Find out why tracking your symptoms may help you better communicate your symptoms to your physicians, or even help you better understand your body and what you’re going through.

Learn various ways to implement your own pain journaling process.

Identify what information goes into your pain journal.

And determine how best to quantify your pain (a scale of 1-10? a color-code system?)

We’ll also discuss the various systems you can use: pen and paper, online slideshows, phone apps, notepads, etc. Each person is an individual and will learn best how to handle their own journaling.

And, my favorite: gaining the courage to discuss these journals with your physicians.


Friday, November 19, 2021, at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

It’s free! Register at NY Endoville’s meetup page and you’ll receive the invitation to the Zoom meeting.

For my own pain journal, I date/timestamp any symptoms (and mark them on a body outline), as well as log my food, beverage, and medication intake. I even go so far as to note bowel movements and any associated symptoms. It’s helped me identify food-triggers, keep track of when I took a certain medication, or even reminded me I’ve had good days (and bad).

And, most importantly, even if you’re not interested in attending this webinar, check out NY Endoville’s page for all of their upcomign Endo events!! There are so many!

Pelvic Reset: A 6-week Course

Hi guys!

Maggie Flood is a good friend of mine, and an EndoWarrior in our local San Diego group. She’s also a licensed Acupuncturist, certified Sexological Bodyworker and holistic pelvic care practitioner.

She’s put together and is hosting a six-week course on resetting your pelvic floor…and so much more. It will use Zoom for weekly meetings (which will be recorded if you can’t attend live), downloadable meditations, exercises, journaling homework, and a support community of fellow participants.

A course description:

“Pelvic Reset is a 6 week long assisted journey to guide you back to your body, uterus and root. As this course is open to all women and those with vulvas who wish to reconnect with themselves, it is especially useful for those coping with pelvic pain or female-bodied sexual dysfunction. Within this 6 week program you’ll learn the basics of embodiment, nervous system self-regulation, how to use pleasure for healing, lineage mapping your womb space, as well as new and ancient medicinal techniques to manage pain and heal from surgery or trauma. This course is designed to bring you into a new experience of your sexuality and relationship to your pelvic floor. A very special reset button, indeed.”

For more information, and to register, please check out her site. There’s a registration fee, but if you’re not happy with the program within 30 days, there’s a money back guarantee.

I’ve vowed to invest in my health this year, so I’ve already signed up. I just wanted to share in case this interested some of you.

Podcast About Endometriosis

Sarah Golding is the producer of the Anyone F’Coffee Podcast, which focuses on women’s health issues. Several episodes discuss Endometriosis! And I wanted to share Sarah’s podcast link with you today! Please feel free to pop in your headphones and listen away!

Listen: Anyone F’Coffee Podcast

Sarah is also hosting a Zoom meeting on May 10th for people who think they may have Endometriosis. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here!

Thank you, Sarah for all that you do to raise awareness of these conditions! Continue to do what you do!

Love, Lisa

Sponsor Highlight: Mary VanBuhler

As you may know, we are hosting (along with the non-profit organization, Gifts 2 Help) our 2020 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk. This is the first year we’ve asked for sponsorships and today I’d like to honor Mary VanBuhler.

A HUGE thank you to Mary for her generous donation for our 2020 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk! Mary is a fellow EndoWarrior who has an incredibly positive attitude toward the fight ahead and is here to support other Warriors, too! We’re looking forward to walking with you!

Sponsor Highlight: The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Logo for San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

As you may know, we are hosting (along with the non-profit organization, Gifts 2 Help) our 2020 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk. This is the first year we’ve asked for sponsorships and today I’d like to honor The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that the Sisters are officially joining our event! Many of you know Sister Donatella Soul and Saint Angel Con Cuernos, but did you know that several other Sisters have battled Endometriosis, too? So, their booth is near and dear to my heart. “The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Asylum of the Tortured Heart, performs public service by educating the community on safety and health issues through outreach, promoting awareness through street theater, guiding spiritual enlightenment, abolishing bigotry and hatred and working to end stereotypes. The Asylum supports, works with, and raises funds for other charitable non-profit organizations.” Not only do they do INCREDIBLE things to help San Diego’s community grow and strengthen, but their loving nature and endless support is invaluable in this day and age. 

The beautiful Sister Donatella Soul; photograph by Compass Media Productions

Sponsor Highlight: Natural Harmony Reproductive Health

Logo for Natural Harmony Reproductive Health

As you may know, we are hosting (along with the non-profit organization, Gifts 2 Help) our 2020 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk. This is the first year we’ve asked for sponsorships and today I’d like to honor Natural Harmony Reproductive Health.

Natural Harmony Reproductive Health is an integrative clinic dedicated to providing compassionate, integrative, expert reproductive healthcare. 

An endo warrior herself, Dr. Merritt Jones specializes in the integrative treatment of endometriosis, recognizing that while no two people’s stories are exactly alike, many endo warriors have faced a long and arduous road and have had to fight to be seen, heard, and properly cared for. She believes that people living with endo deserve better. 

Natural Harmony takes an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of endo, offering functional medicine evaluation, acupuncture, nutrition therapy, herbal and supplemental therapy, lab testing and lifestyle support and more. The clinic will also happily work alongside patient’s other providers to provide truly integrative and collaborative care.

Not only is Dr. Merritt my as-needed acupuncturist, but she’s a wonderful friend and an incredible support to myself and others in the Endo Community. Her compassion, understanding, and drive to help others is endless.