Pain Journaling Webinar

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Exciting news!

I’m teaming up with NY Endoville Endometriosis Support Group in presenting a free webinar about pain journaling!

Find out why tracking your symptoms may help you better communicate your symptoms to your physicians, or even help you better understand your body and what you’re going through.

Learn various ways to implement your own pain journaling process.

Identify what information goes into your pain journal.

And determine how best to quantify your pain (a scale of 1-10? a color-code system?)

We’ll also discuss the various systems you can use: pen and paper, online slideshows, phone apps, notepads, etc. Each person is an individual and will learn best how to handle their own journaling.

And, my favorite: gaining the courage to discuss these journals with your physicians.


Friday, November 19, 2021, at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

It’s free! Register at NY Endoville’s meetup page and you’ll receive the invitation to the Zoom meeting.

For my own pain journal, I date/timestamp any symptoms (and mark them on a body outline), as well as log my food, beverage, and medication intake. I even go so far as to note bowel movements and any associated symptoms. It’s helped me identify food-triggers, keep track of when I took a certain medication, or even reminded me I’ve had good days (and bad).

And, most importantly, even if you’re not interested in attending this webinar, check out NY Endoville’s page for all of their upcomign Endo events!! There are so many!

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