Feel Good Fridays

This week marked the one-year anniversary since my last Endo excision surgery and bowel resection.

It brought up a lot of “Feels”.

Anger at my body.

Gratitude toward my surgeons.

A sense of pride for pulling through.

Sadness for all of the other Warriors dealing with the same damned disease.

Love for my friends, family, and readers who have offered their continual support along this Journey.

Speaking of family, today’s quote is for my Mum:

“Sometimes I really can’t express how much I feel, but I can tell for a fact that some past years have been a victorious rollercoaster ride with God in it. Some days colourful, some days black and white, some days faith bigger than a mustard seed, other days I’m filled with blind doubt about what tomorrow holds. But in all of this, I’m beautifully me and constantly running the race through the father’s grace”
― Temitayo Olami

Because I love her. And want to remind her she is not alone. Ever.

Keep runnin’ Mom. I’m right here next to ya. Just like you always are for me.

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