Feel Good Fridays

Good morning.

I am excited to announce I have recently started therapy; for so many reasons. And one thing I’ve learned (I already knew, but never truly practiced) is word choice…

So,today I choose to be happy.

Stop beating myself up for poor choices or accidents.

Stop saying “I should have” or “I could have.” And simply way, “I want…” or “I choose…”

I feel nerdy even typing them, but it’s made for a good week thus far.

Do you have any favorite tricks or tips for turning a day around?

Feel Good Fridays

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Good morning!

I hope this finds you well.

Today’s quote is about the little things. Sometimes all we have in life to cling to are the smallest things that remind us of happier times, or maybe still bring us comfort.

Or, perhaps, you’re so deep in the dark right now you cannot even find that little thing. I promise you, it’s there. Keep searching.

“Pebbles that bring you joy are better than diamonds that bring you sorrow.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

If you need to talk, I’m right here.

May you have a wonderful weekend.

Feel Good Fridays

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Just a reminder to please:

  1. Take care of yourself;
  2. Remind yourself that self-care is okay;
  3. If you can justify the spending and need something for self-care: do not beat yourself up the purchase;
  4. Journaling can be very therapeutic;
  5. If you need someone to talk to – and feel you’ve no other – I’m always right here.

Feel Good Fridays

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Good morning! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted; eh? Life has been crazy busy and I’m so sorry for neglecting this wee blog.

How do you handle your stressful situations?

“Stress level: extreme. It’s like she was a jar with the lid screwed on too tight, and inside the jar were pickles, angry pickles, and they were fermenting, and about to explode.”

― Fiona Wood, Six Impossible Things

Feel Good Fridays

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Another week has come and gone. The year is almost half-over. And I just want to know: how are you doing?

If not well, what’s your favorite coping mechanism? What gets you through a tough minute? Hour? Day? Week? Existence?

“In all my years, I’ve learned that life delivers many storms for us to weather. Some will be slow, brooding, quiet beasts, and others will be loud, thunderous, and frightening. But if you’re willing to look close enough, no matter how devastating the storm may be, after the rain you’ll always find new life sprouting in the aftermath.”

― Renée Carlino, After the Rain

Hang in there. Always.

And let us all know how you manage to keep stepping forward, every day.

Feel Good Fridays

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What sort of victories or road blocks have you faced this week? Are you hanging in there? Need anything?

I hope this finds you well.

And may we all be here to help and lift each other up.

“Sometimes life is hard … so we have to squeeze it, touch it, play with it, and make it soft like a dough! Now it’s soft enough to be shaped in any way we want! Keep moving, touching life, as this will keep it smooth and fun!”
― Karina Fonseca Azevedo

Much love to you.


Feel Good Fridays

Today is one month since my seventh Endometriosis-related surgery (excision, adhesion removal, and supracervical hysterectomy). When I have the time (and a smidge more information) I cannot wait to share all of the details with you.

But today is not that day.

Do you know what today is, though?

It’s the day you’re getting a virtual hug from me…!

“Don’t give up when dark times come. The more storms you face in life, the stronger you’ll be. Hold on. Your greater is coming.”
― Germany Kent

Hang in there

Feel Good Fridays

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“We forget that without inches we’d never have miles. Therefore, work toward the miles but celebrate the inches.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Never forget to celebrate even the tiniest of victories.

Don’t think you have one? You do. We just need to find it.

If you ever need to talk to someone, just to be heard, or have questions, or want to say hello. Reach out.

Feel Good Fridays

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Whew! It’s been several weeks!

On April 6th, I had another surgery! Been recovering and had my post-op yesterday! I’ll be sure to share all the details (and photos) at another time.

I hope you’re doing as well as you can be. Today’s quote is for you:

“When the well’s nearly dry and you’re not sure you have the strength to persevere, fill up on love and friendship, then take another step, and then another…”

― Liza M. Wiemer

Always, ALWAYS, feel like you can reach out for support. If you don’t have anyone near you, email me! I’m here for you. Having support, in any situation, is so important.

You can get through this; whatever it may be.

Much love to you.