Feel Good Fridays!

Well here we are, my first Feel Good Friday in a loooong while! It’s good to be back and I hope you’re doing well.

Today’s quote is to bring in the new year right: on a positive note.

“Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that YOU will be okay no matter how things turn out.” ~Unknown

You will make it through (fill in the blank). Whatever it may be, you will push through. You will survive this. You will endure.

Try your best to find that silver lining through the difficult times. Embrace something positive. Or even just think happy thoughts. You *have* to make it through. And you will.

Love you guys. Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend.

Yours, Lisa

Feel Good Fridays!

my Jack Dagger throwing knives by Cold Steel

FRIDAY!!!  Already? 

Where has the year gone??

Today’s quote is inspired by the strong Warriors around me, whether physically or through the magic of the internet.  There are so many inspiring people I know who struggle, yet continue to fight.  Who don’t quit.  Who ask for help.  Who push for the medical care they know they deserve.  And who accept what they cannot change.

“I brought a knife to the gunfight. 
I am the knife. 
I am all blade.” 

Clementine von Radics

Keep fightin’.  Whatever it may be you face…never stop.

And have an incredible weekend!   

Love, Lisa

Feel Good Fridays

Untitled-1 copy

Today’s quote is by one of my EndoSisters who is continuing to battle to get the healthcare that she deserves.  We were talking this week about her sub-standard care by an Endometriosis “expert,” and Celia’s unwavering determination to keep fighting.  And she shared her mantra with me…which I fell in love with.

“Chin up, fangs out!” ~ Celia Pellegrin

So, to ANY of you dealing with ANYTHING that requires your determination, tenacity, persistence, and strength…hold firm!  Keep going.  And, as Celia says: Chin up, Fangs out!!  You’ve got this.

Have an incredible weekend!

Love, Lisa


Blogs I Updated This Week:

Endometriosis & the Appendix – added an Oct. 29, 2018, study from the British Institute of Radiology about a 40-year-old woman who presented with right lower quadrant pain and lower back pain.  Also added a November 3, 2018, study from the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports of a 29-year-old woman who complained of lower right pain, nausea, and vomiting the day after her period started.  Care to guess their diagnoses?

Feel Good Fridays


Where has the week gone?


Today’s quote hit me in the gut.  And it’s something I truly strive do it…moreso as I get older.  You begin to value the things that truly matter to you…

“Live your life. Be happy as you can be, let go of the things that don’t matter, and fight.” 
― Kiera Cass, The One

May you do this, and do it well. For you.

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.

Love, Lisa

Feel Good Fridays

2018 group picture

So another Friday is upon us.

I’m sharing this quote a little bit later than normal because I was scouring through pages and pages of quotes until one hit me.  And this one did.  Right in the Feels.

“Surround yourself with people
who don’t just ask
how you are doing.
Surround yourself with people
who make an effort to 
make sure they are part of
the reason you are doing so well.” 
― Jennae Cecelia, Uncaged Wallflower

Now go back and read it again. Slowly. Let it sink in.

And take it to heart.

Live it. Love it.

For those of you that surround me, I know you love me and I know that your intentions are pure and your words are sincere.

I freakin’ love you guys.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Love, Lisa


Blogs I updated this week:

Dungeons & Dragons & Donuts – added our September session, where we meet a new party member: Brinn, the half-elf ranger.  We also start our trek to retrieve the mythril cube (and hopefully save our hands)!

Support Group – on November 10, 2018, we’ll be having our support group meeting at Casi Cielo Winery! If you’re available, come join us!

Feel Good Fridays!

fridge poetry

It’s Friday!

I started the day with low tire pressure in my rental car, so there was an impromptu trip to Hertz to have it looked at (it was the cold weather that affected it)…

Then followed that up with my Friday Morning Tradition: a bagel and hot cocoa from my local bagel shop.

And now I sit, the work day is juuuuuuust about to begin, and I’m at the tail-end of the Sniffles Head Cold (which I’ve had all week).

So what the heck shall we quote today? I don’t know yet…let’s go on the prowl for something that speaks to me!


“Poetry is heart medicine.” 
― Marty Rubin

It’s so simple. But it’s true.  Find some time this weekend to sit down and read some poetry. Perhaps favorites while you were growing up, or explore new titles and pieces.  Whatever you do, find something and share it here in the comments below.  I do love poetry!

Have a GREAT weekend

Love, Lisa

PS – one of my favorites growing up?  Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight by Rose Hartwick Thorpe


Blogs I updated this week:

Dungeons & Dragons & Donuts – our August session included a hearing in front of a tribunal…as our party had to justify their actions to the law.

Feel Good Fridays

Happy end of the week! Yep, it’s Friday!

This one is for all of my EndoWarriors who step up and fight, self-advocate, share, speak out, etc.  We can do this.

“Be BOLD like a cicada-pipe the heck up” 
― Maureen Joyce Connolly, Little Lovely Things

May we be a loud chorus of support and advocacy!

Have a glorious weekend.

Love, Lisa

Blogs I updated this week:

Dungeons & Dragons & Donuts – added our July 2018 session (yes, we’re a bit behind).  It is lovingly referred to as the “Bathroom Escapades” as our adventurers plot their way out of Lord Krim Breakhandle’s mansion.

Feel Good Fridays!


Happy Friday!!!!

Today’s quote is brought to you by my favorite employee at a bagel shop, Phil.  Next Tuesday is his last day and I am SO sad! Not only does he make me smile and is a beacon of joy in my mornings, but he gives THE BEST hugs.

“When a hug is this big, you feel it for days.” 
― Jessica Shook, Shrapnel

I’m a huge hugger.  Always have been.  Always will be.  They just feel so good to give and receive.  Better than a warm handshake or a smile.


Have an incredible weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go hug someone you love.




Feel Good Fridays



Today’s quote is for all of you that may be doubting your ability to push through, to finish, or to even start…who feel broken by inability, or frustrated with “the system,” or less-than.

“You can do this, and if you can’t do it today, you’ll do it tomorrow. You are not a failure.” 
― Alisha Rai, Wrong to Need You

You are amazing. And strong.  And you have all of us to help you.


Love, Lisa