Feel Good Fridays

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“We forget that without inches we’d never have miles. Therefore, work toward the miles but celebrate the inches.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Never forget to celebrate even the tiniest of victories.

Don’t think you have one? You do. We just need to find it.

If you ever need to talk to someone, just to be heard, or have questions, or want to say hello. Reach out.

Feel Good Fridays

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Whew! It’s been several weeks!

On April 6th, I had another surgery! Been recovering and had my post-op yesterday! I’ll be sure to share all the details (and photos) at another time.

I hope you’re doing as well as you can be. Today’s quote is for you:

“When the well’s nearly dry and you’re not sure you have the strength to persevere, fill up on love and friendship, then take another step, and then another…”

― Liza M. Wiemer

Always, ALWAYS, feel like you can reach out for support. If you don’t have anyone near you, email me! I’m here for you. Having support, in any situation, is so important.

You can get through this; whatever it may be.

Much love to you.


Feel Good Fridays

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It’s Friday. Seems I skipped last week. Ran out of spoons for the week.

This is for everyone.

“I may be in pain, but I am not weak.”
― Veronica Roth, Carve the Mark

Remember that. Even on the days where all you can do is lay in bed and cry. Or pop and pill and succumb to the Fog. Or push through the pain because you have no choice.

Whatever action you do, or do not, take while in pain: YOU ARE NOT WEAK. Ever.

Feel Good Fridays

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Today, think better. Not only of yourself, but with any negativity.

Let’s turn things around, one wee thought at a time

“My challenge to you today is to observe your thoughts and internal dialogue and recognize if and when you speak poorly to yourself. We all have moments of self-deprecation and very often we are too hard on ourselves. Today, start to be caring and supportive of yourself. Observe that little voice in your head and say something positive to yourself instead!”

― Elaine Seiler, Getting Rid of Negative Energy

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love to you all.


Feel Good Fridays

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You know what day it is. And you know what that means!

“Life teaches us to

Bend like the willow during a storm

Glide like an eagle

Under the sun mighty and warm

But to stand together

No matter the weather

Unity is all for the better”

― Marie Helen Abramyan

And speaking of together: what are you doing on March 26th? Feel like donning some yellow and going for a walk? Due to the ongoing Covid-19 concerns, we’re not encouraging group gatherings, but go for a walk with us, snap a pick, blast it on your social media or drop it here so we can share it.

Our online virtual walk is freeeeee.

Feel Good Fridays

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Sometimes all you can do is hold on tight.

But know that you’re not alone. We’re holding on tight together, side-by-side. Some are ready to catch ya if you fall. And others, ready to hoist you up if you need a hand.

We are a mighty force of friends, Warriors, and a family.

Much love to you.

Whatever you may be enduring. We are all here for you.

Feel Good Fridays

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What are you needing to let go of? And do you have the strength to do so? Far easier said than done.

“The key to being able to let go of all the stuff you’re holding on to is knowing that you’ll be okay if you don’t have it.

And that’s the truth.

You can survive with very little. And though the passing of people and things can be painful, you will survive.” ~John C. Parkin


Feel Good Fridays

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Happy end of the week. It’s Friday.

I hope you had a wonderful week.

Mine was a bit painful, and yesterday it really took over. So I took a sick day off from work, popped 1/2 a Tramadol, and slept the day away in a cocoon of unawareness and no-pain.

Sometimes its’s what we must do. I barely remember waking up to use the restroom or kiss my husband. And have no idea what we ate for dinner last night.

But…sometimes it’s what we must do.

“Sometimes I like to sleep all day. It’s nice to just sort of drift, in and out of yourself.”

― Cameron Hogg

Never ever cheat yourself from what you have to do to even bring yourself one iota of relief. And, gah – I hope you have something in your life that does.

We suffer enough.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Feel Good Fridays

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A lot of people I know, myself included, have had a rough week.

I want to take a moment to remind you (and myself) to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and tell yourself “everything will be okay.”

Find a reason to smile today. A legitimate one.

I spent my entire drive to work today on the phone with my best friend. And it was glorious.

Big hugs to you all.

Much love,