Research Outsmarts Endometriosis


For those of you with Endometriosis, The Feinstein Institute was commissioned by the Endometriosis Foundation of America to conduct a study of 200 women each year.  It’s time to do something! We (the women!) provide either a blood sample or a saliva sample, as well as answer a few questions, and (optional) provide a sample of our menstrual blood.  Some women are even able to provide samples that were biopsied in past surgeries, and can ask for the future surgery biopsied tissues to be handed over as well.  Members of your family who do not have Endo may also participate.  Again, trying to study all aspects of this disease…including those NOT affected.

The Feinstein Institute will process all of this data and research to help understand Endometriosis on a cellular and genetic level!  One day there will be better treatments. Better answers.  And a CURE!  Steps like these will only lead to the right direction.

I’ve signed up and today received my saliva sample kit in the mail.  I am truly looking forward to offering all that I can toward this project.

If you have a desire to sign up, or just want to read more about it, their page is here.


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