Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?

operating room with da vinci surgical machine

A woman with Endometriosis may require surgeries to cut out the disease for the rest of her life.


Excision surgery is the “gold standard” for treating the symptoms associated with Endometriosis.  Surgeons cut out (excise) the Endometriosis implants that are found within the body, and also remove/cut free any adhesions that may be sticking organs together.  Some women claim immediate pain relief after their first surgery, some do not.  And countless women have to later undergo numerous excision surgeries, some in as little as six months after their last surgery.  Some women are pain-free for several years before having to go under the knife yet again.

Hysterectomies and menopause do not even relieve some womens’ Endometriosis symptoms.  Many women who are post-hysterectomy or even post-menopausal continue to suffer from Endometriosis pain and symptoms and continue to undergo excision surgeries.

Many in the medical community claim to be “the best” at an excision surgery; stating that once a patient sees them, they never have to undergo another surgery. Ever again.  Alas, while that may be true for some very lucky women, it is not true for all women.  And many patients who have seen these “experts,” later return for subsequent excision surgeries.  It’s not the surgeon’s fault…Endo just continues to fester and grow.

It remains that excision surgery is the most widely accepted treatment of Endometriosis.  And despite a well-balanced “endo diet,” supplements, prescription medication, and/or lifestyle changes, many women continue to suffer after their surgeries, and continue to require more.

It’s a vicious cycle.

5 thoughts on “Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?

  1. The problem with each surgery, it causes more scar tissue, adhesions, meaning that each surgery following that can be more risky. I can no longer have any surgery by keyhole and have to be opened up from belly button down.

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      1. I’m waiting to see consultant to see if they will consider another operation. This will be my 7th in 14 years and my 4th laparotomy, rather than laparoscopy. Can’t envisage living with the pain I am in for the rest of my life.


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