Tarnished silver?

Okay…so this isn’t an Endometriosis-related post, but something wonderful has happened and I need to share it with the world.

I woke up this morning feeling less-than-pretty.  I was bloated, exhausted from a fitful sleep, and feeling a bit crampy.  So what do I do? I went in search of some earrings to help make me feel pretty.

But…much to my dismay, they had tarnished.  Like…a lot.  Who cares.  I wore them all day anyway.

a pair of tarnished silver earrings

I was going to stop at a jeweler on my way home, but figured I’d save some money and see how I can untarnish silver at home…Google to the rescue!

a bowl lined in aluminum foil next to a canister of sea salt
earrings submerged in water with aluminum foil, salt, and hot water

Take a bowl or a dish.  Line it with aluminum foil, shiney side up.  Add 3-4 tablespoons of regular salt (we only had sea salt).  Bring some water ALMOSTto a boil and pour it into the dish.  Let the salt dissolve for a few seconds.  Plop in the tarnished jewelry. Wait 3 minutes (inhale over the bowl…sort of smells like eggs!!!).  Retrieve the jewelry with a spoon and gently rinse in warm water.  Dry with a soft cloth.

PRESTO! It worked! They’re like brand new!

Brightly polished silver earrings

So, I’m a little excited.  And just wanted to share with you in case you’re mourning over a pair of tarnished earrings.  And if a little pretty thing makes you feel better during the day, wear your pretty little thing. 😀

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