2 thoughts on “An Endo Support Group in Los Angeles!

  1. Happy Holidays!
    I am Dr. Carol Howard, an Acupuncturist in Sherman Oaks, CA and I have been successfully eliminating Endometriosis pain permanently.
    I would like to offer free treatments to someone who is and has been dealing with a lot of pain from Endometriosis for quite a while and who may be struggling financially so I can give them some real help in their life.
    The treatments are painless and take from one and a half hours to two hours. I can see them evening or Saturday by appointment. To eliminate the pain totally it can take from three to five treatments in my experience.
    My phone is (818) 501-6369
    I hope to hear from someone soon. It’s so fun to see their reaction when the pain is gone.
    Carol Howard


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