Feel Good Fridays

Group photo of 140 people from 2018 Endo Walk in San Diego CA

So another Friday is upon us.

I’m sharing this quote a little bit later than normal because I was scouring through pages and pages of quotes until one hit me.  And this one did.  Right in the Feels.

“Surround yourself with people
who don’t just ask
how you are doing.
Surround yourself with people
who make an effort to 
make sure they are part of
the reason you are doing so well.” 
― Jennae Cecelia, Uncaged Wallflower

Now go back and read it again. Slowly. Let it sink in.

And take it to heart.

Live it. Love it.

For those of you that surround me, I know you love me and I know that your intentions are pure and your words are sincere.

I freakin’ love you guys.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Love, Lisa

Blogs I updated this week:

Support Group – on November 10, 2018, we’ll be having our support group meeting at Casi Cielo Winery! If you’re available, come join us!

Share Your Story: Mollie

Quote: Her doctor told her she had sorted it out. That it was done. The end was gone!  But when she complained of ongoing pain her doctor said the pain was all in her head and she had some type of PTSD

Mollie was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was 20.  Now a year later, she shares her journey with us.

Mollie’s Journey: It all seems full circle to me after about 7 years.

At about 13 is when I got my first period and my symptoms began to start at 14 from what I can remember. What I do remember vividly is the pain, daily. My mother thought I was just trying to skip school because the only thing I could explain to her was that my tummy hurt. Any mother would think that a 14-year-old that complains of a “tummy ache” almost everyday is just trying to get out of class so I can’t blame her for any of that.

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Share Your Story: Diane

Tattoo that reads "Start Somewhere"

Diane shares her Endometriosis journey with us today.  And she’d like to remind us all when life hits us too hard and we’re stuck or immobile…we have to start somewhere. One step at a time.

Diane’s Journey:  So, I’m officially diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain, recurrent peritoneal cysts, and precancerous cervical cells. I did have an exploratory lap in 2016, to remove suspected ovarian cysts. They turned out to be peritoneal, and I also had “extensive adhesive scar tissue”. Endometriosis was added to my records at that point, but I was seen at a teaching hospital. The residents that saw me and performed my surgery never sat down and discussed what they found.

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Feel Good Fridays!

A pile of fridge poetry magnets with various words

It’s Friday!

I started the day with low tire pressure in my rental car, so there was an impromptu trip to Hertz to have it looked at (it was the cold weather that affected it)…

Then followed that up with my Friday Morning Tradition: a bagel and hot cocoa from my local bagel shop.

And now I sit, the work day is juuuuuuust about to begin, and I’m at the tail-end of the Sniffles Head Cold (which I’ve had all week).

So what the heck shall we quote today? I don’t know yet…let’s go on the prowl for something that speaks to me!


“Poetry is heart medicine.” 
― Marty Rubin

It’s so simple. But it’s true.  Find some time this weekend to sit down and read some poetry. Perhaps favorites while you were growing up, or explore new titles and pieces.  Whatever you do, find something and share it here in the comments below.  I do love poetry!

Have a GREAT weekend

Love, Lisa

PS – one of my favorites growing up?  Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight by Rose Hartwick Thorpe

Share Your Story: Pam

quote: A hysterectomy doesn't resolve endometriosis.  I guess I was naive in 1999; were the doctors also?

Pam was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was in her 40s.  Today Pam is 59 years old and shares her story with us

Pam’s Journey:  Long story short, I have 4 grown children after years of infertility followed by 6 miscarriages. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and opted for partial hysterectomy in 1999 due to the heavy periods. I thought that was that.

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Share Your Story: Ami

Quote: the surgeon said in passing that he removed some endometriosis

Ami was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was 47 years old.  Now a year later, she shares with us:

Ami’s Journey: One year ago I experienced a worsening pelvic prolapse (following a uterine prolapse years ago) and simultaneous debilitating sciatica. All doctors insisted the two were unrelated. Although muscle atrophy contributed to both. I underwent several months of physical therapy and 2 epidural steroid injections to treat the sciatica and then prolapse repair in December.

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Share Your Story: Daniela

Quote: I feel hopeless

Daniela was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was 22 years old.  Two years later, she shares her Endo journey with us.

Daniela’s Journey:  Hi everyone, my name is Daniela and I was raised in a small town near the border in Mexico and I am 24 years old. I had my first period when I was 9 and I remember that day like it was yesterday because it haunts me. I remember the face of my mom and grandma as if I was going to die. My childhood was over at that moment my body started to change drastically.

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The Bowel Resection is Coming!

Diagram of the human large intestine
The red circle is the approximate area where my Endo is

If you’re one of my dedicated readers, you’ll remember that I had my third Endometriosis excision surgery on July 18th of this year.  You may remember that during that surgery it was discovered that I had a few big ol’ chunky Endo lesions on my bowels (where my small intestine and large intestine meet) that couldn’t be superficially removed.  A colo-rectal surgeon was brought into my surgery and advised that a bowel resection should take place.

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