Feel Good Fridays

Hoarfrost on a leaf. Leavef covered by hoar or snow and ice on a winter day on the garden. Hoarfrost on the leaves on beautiful winter image – close up of frozen tree branch and leaves covered with rime.

Friday snuck up on me today.

I’ve been put on work furlough and have applied for unemployment. It’s still unknown if my May 13th excision surgery will remain on calendar or be postponed. And I’m going a little stir-crazy in the house, unable to leave except for “essential tasks.”

I totally forgot it was Friday until a few minutes ago! Ha!

I have to remind myself daily that finances will be okay, I’ll have my job back once this crisis is over, my husband will come home safe and sound, and by staying home I’m protecting myself and others.

And I’ve picked my sewing projects back up, cleaned the house like a madwoman, bought a treadmill, and am keeping my mind and body occupied.

Still, though, I’m stir-crazy and bored. Perhaps next week I will focus on researching and writing new blog entries!

May today’s quote inspire you to embrace those things we can no longer experience, at least for now:

“Freeze, freeze in the winter, if you really want to appreciate the summer! Walk, walk at the edge of the precipices, if you rightly want to learn the meaning of the safety! Switch the lights off, if you want to see the amazing beauty of the light!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

Be well.

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