Feel Good Fridays

How have all of you been dealing and coping and managing with the state of our world?

I hope that you are all safe and well.  My heart breaks for it all: the brutality, the death, the riots, the years of abuse.

My heart warms when protests remain peaceful and spread awareness, education, and understanding.

Policies are beginning to change in various cities and states. It’s too little too late, but I am glad that change is happening.

May we all continue to live, learn, and grow together

So, today’s quote:

“I am not a skin color. I contain all of humanity in my heart and my mind, my flesh, my blood and my bones, and I am proud of that fact. You should be, too.” ~ Laurence Overmire

Love and support one another. Regardless of the tone of flesh.

Love, Lisa.

Feel Good Fridays

What a week. I’m exhausted!

My husband and I woke up last Saturday to a flooded kitchen. The water intake valve of our fridge filter malfunctioned and poured out water. While we slept.

So, a little over a week from my surgery, we dropped towels, soaked up water, wrung out towels, and made phone calls.

Movement, bending, pulling. All the things one shouldn’t do while recovering from surgery. But luckily a Naproxen handled the discomfort and pain from the overexertion.

Stress. Unanswered questions. Pending insurance approval. Loads of repairs.

Fatigue. Exhaustion. Overwhelmed.

What a week indeed.

So today’s quote is for anyone who may be going through their own crazy crisis:

“When it comes right down to it, the only way to face a crises that makes any sense at all – is together. And the only direction to face- is up.” ~Phil Callaway

I’m grateful my husband has been here to help during this time.

And family and friends have offered advice and been supportive.

Please find someone to lean on if you need help. Deep breaths.

Feel Good Fridays

Another week has flown by! And today’s quote is for you. They always are.

“Endure to the very end.” ~Lailah Gifty Akita

Whatever you may be going through, you’ll get through this.

We will get through this together.

When times get to be too much, reach out to a trusted friend. Feel like you don’t have one? You have me.

Find ways to let it go. Write. Read. Scream. Cry. And endure. Always.

Much love, Lisa.

Feel Good Fridays

Another week has come and gone! This week was extra special for me because I had my fifth Endo excision surgery on Wednesday!

Recovery is going well, and I even met with my surgeon yesterday to change a bloodied dressing, so I was able to learn what he discovered.

I’ll save all of those details for another blog entry, once I receive the pathology report.

Several days before my surgery, I found beautiful bracelets on Etsy, sold by a fellow EndoWarrior LifeWithKimberli. And I HAD to have one. It arrived the day after my surgery and hasn’t left my wrist.

“Nevertheless, she kept on fighting”

May it serve as a reminder to you today with whatever you may be struggling with: don’t give up. Forge ahead. Do what you can. Survive. You CAN make it through this. You’re not alone.

I mean it: you’re not alone. If you ever need to talk, please contact me.

If you’d like to order your own bracelet, go for it! https://www.etsy.com/listing/665866138/nevertheless-she-kept-on-fighting

Feel Good Friends

Good morning!

Notice the “typo” in today’s title? Well, I absolutely meant to type Feel Good Fridays, but instead I typed Feel Good Friends. And I’ll let it stick based on today’s quote!

I’ve been in isolation and lockdown, like many of you, since the middle of March. And since then, I’ve been going through a lot of pain associated with my illness. And my surgery is coming up next week!

Along with the “woe is me” that comes with constant pain, I miss the personal connection: the hugs, the tears, the laughter, the touch of my loved ones.

I’ve never been a fan of digital over analog. I have a film camera (although I do miss my digital camera at times), I enjoy books over e-books, and I do write in a journal from time to time. But in this strange time, I’m reaching out to reach out.

I’ve tried Zoom (ugh, I despise it).

Facebook video chat is nice for walks with my best friend.

Marco Polo is a very fun way for me to stay connected; a sort of video walky-talky.

Videogaming remotely with my soon-to-be-six-year-old nephew.

Phone calls are occurring more and more.

Text and email and Facebook are also a great way to stay connected.

I don’t know how I’d cope during this time if it weren’t for the physical touch, hugs, and kisses of my husband when he comes home from work each day. And for the friends and family who I’ve been able to stay in “close” contact with via the aforementioned means. Thank you, you guys!

Which brings me to today’s quote (sing it with me):

“…Said I’m gonna get by with my friends, yeah (Ah, with a little help from my friends)

Oh, yes I’m gonna keep trying, now (Ah, with a little help from my friends)

Keep on trying with my friends (Ah, with a little help from my friends)

Oh, I’m never gonna stop there, oh (Ah, with a little help from my friends)

I’m gonna keep on trying, yeah yeah (Ah, with a little help from my friends)…”

Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney; With a little help from my friends

Hang in there, guys. We’ll get through this.


And if this loneliness is too much for you, please email me at lisa@bloominuterus.com. I’m here for you.

Best Endo Blogs of 2020!

Oh my goodness! I’m so honored and flabbergasted and excited:

Healthline has named Bloomin’ Uterus as one of the best Endometriosis blogs of 2020! Among some incredible sites that I respect and look up to! OH MY GOODNESS!

If you’d like to check out everyone who made the list, please go to Healthline’s article!

I know I haven’t been as active on the blog these past few months, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on it! 🙂 I’ve got several drafted pieces, research tucked aside, and I just need to tweak ’em and post more!

Thank you, Healthline, for the honor!

Podcast About Endometriosis

Sarah Golding is the producer of the Anyone F’Coffee Podcast, which focuses on women’s health issues. Several episodes discuss Endometriosis! And I wanted to share Sarah’s podcast link with you today! Please feel free to pop in your headphones and listen away!

Listen: Anyone F’Coffee Podcast

Sarah is also hosting a Zoom meeting on May 10th for people who think they may have Endometriosis. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here!

Thank you, Sarah for all that you do to raise awareness of these conditions! Continue to do what you do!

Love, Lisa

Feel Good Fridays

Friday. Again. Already.

How the days blend together.

Today’s quote is a poem written by Kirstie Sagermark, a member of our San Diego/SoCal Endometriosis Support Group, and she gave me permission to share it with all of you today:

You are allowed to cry.
Today was hard.
You Tried.
You lost your temper.
You had fun.
You were frustrated.
You cringed.
You did it anyway.
You had responsibilities.
You prayed.
You provided.
You loved.
You worked.
You pulled through.
You were exhausted.
You did it anyway.
You need time.
You want peace.
You feel sad.
You are strong.
You want answers.
You need understanding.
You Tried.
Today was hard.
You are allowed to cry.

You tried.

Today was hard.

You are allowed to cry.

I love this. All of it.

Today I spent two hours updating my pain journal with all of the entries from late March. And I did…I cried. Just seeing how bad many of those days have been made me so grateful that I have a surgery coming up. And speaking of surgery, it’s been moved back up to May 13th!!

Let’s do this!

And it truly is okay to cry. If you ever need someone to talk to while you weep, I’m right here.

Feel Good Fridays

It’s Friday! Again. Already! How are all of you coping during times of isolation, shutdowns, and essential workers?

I had a conversation with my doctor today after receiving some blood tests back.

I’m mostly healthy. My bad cholesterol levels (LDLs) are a wee high, as are my FSH hormone and TFH (thyroid) levels. It also came back that my testosterone and estrogen levels were a bit low. As well as my B12 and Vitamin D levels.

It’s a bit of validation for my thought process: I’m at the very beginning stages of menopause. Bring it on!!!

I’ve got some recommendations for boosting my B12/D numbers, and dropping my thyroid hormone before we retest in three to six months. And I’ve started exercising like a crazy person the past few weeks due to being stuck inside. So we’ll see if that helps drop that bad cholesterol.

And…I’ve read from various studies that enjoying one 4-ounce glass of red or white wine each day can help with heart health.

So I’m sitting here on my couch, lounging in my workout clothes, finished my research, and am sipping on a cold glad of white wine. I’m seriously going to try to only have one. And to keep it to the 4-ounce limit.

All of this news, processing, and self-reflection leads me to today’s quote:

“Wine had to be grapes first. Diamonds had to be rocks first. Butterflies had to be caterpillars first. Rainbows had to be storms first.” ~Matshona Dhliwayo

We will transform and get through all of our woes.