Iceland : Endometriosis Care & Support

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It’s that time, again!  Time to pick a random country and analyze how they deal with Endometriosis.  Today we’ve chosen Iceland (as of today, we’ve had 13 views from Iceland).

Iceland is a little bit smaller than Cuba (40,000 sq. miles) and sports roughly 329,000 people and has a 5% unemployment rate.  I also learned that Iceland doesn’t charge for upper secondary education (think of this as a junior college with most attendees between 16-20 years old), nor does it charge tuition for university attendance!  That’s just so awesome!

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Why no dairy?

Pitcher and glass of milk

I’ve read a lot of books and webpages that say women with Endometriosis should avoid dairy.  I’ve taken that step as best I can.  I miss my cheese.  I miss bagels with cream cheese.  I miss sour cream.  But, I do feel better!  Very little bloating, cramping, or gas (but that may be a combination of the changes in my diet…).

But now I’m curious as to why “no dairy” and why I feel better for not having it…

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Ditch the Caffeine (if you can…)

Coffee beans, green tea, chocolate powder

Before I altered my diet to be more Endo-friendly, I was drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day.  Toss in a Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, or Dr. Pepper for lunch.  And maybe another during dinner.  After my diagnosis, I read that caffeine is bad for my Endo…but why?  I kicked it right away. Cold turkey (only had withdrawal headaches for one week…).  Haven’t looked back since.

Caffeine is found naturally in coffee beans, tea leaves, and the cacao bean.  Coffee.  Tea.  Chocolate.  All of the deliciousness!

Caffeine May Increases Chances of Endometriosis

Scientists do not know why caffeine effects the possibility of developing Endometriosis; however, studies have shown that it does.  Many believe that caffeine intake increases estrogen levels, which may increase the chance of developing Endometriosis, or worsening our symptoms.

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