Feel Good Fridays!

A path lined with marble pillars and benches

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!  Last night I had the pleasure of going to dinner with two very special EndoWarriors.  One, Jenn, I’ve known for several years and we were friends long before I knew we were EndoWarriors.  The second, Sara, who holds an incredibly special place in my heart.  She and I first got together for dinner in January 2015…and our support group meetings stemmed from that initial meeting.  Both ladies are incredibly strong and beautiful, inside and out.

And both were there for me yesterday when I needed them in a moment of pain.  They are my own pillars of strength.

So today’s quote is a shout out to all of you who are pillars of strength, whether you realize it or not.  Deeba Salim Irfan wrote,

“You make the world come alive. You make the world colorful. You are the inspiration behind all that happens. You are the pillar of strength to many around you, the centrifugal force of your own little world, called family. I love being a woman and celebrate being one everyday, hope you all do too!! And to all those who battle their various circumstances, the hurdles, the sacrifices and the compromises they make, wish them all inner strength!…”

Read it again.  Take it to heart.  And share it with others who may need to read it…

Have an incredible weekend!