Special Edition T-Shirts & Beach Towels

Bloomin' Uterus t-shirt and beach towel

Well, it’s finally happened!

We’ve released our Special Edition t-shirts and beach towels, sporting the design by Century House Art.  You may remember our 2017 Coloring Contest and this was one of our entries.

As promised, 100% of the profits raised by these sales will be donated to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

There is no true deadline to order your t-shirt, tank top, or towel.  Once the campaign ends, it will automatically renew.  So, please don’t feel pressured to buy one now if you cannot afford it.  They’ll be here waiting for you when you can.

The Beach Towel

A 30″x62″ cotton beach towel specifically in a bright Endo yellow.  Wrap up in this plushy towel and proudly flaunt your Endo Awareness.  The towel features the colorful design by Century House Art, the Bloomin’ Uterus logo, and our blog’s webpage.  Each towel costs $30.99, and $10 of each sale will be donated directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America via Teespring’s payout program.

My towel arrived! It’s massive! And oh-so-soft!

The Special Edition T-Shirt

Each t-shirt shows Century House Art’s design on the front and our typical Bloomin’ Uterus logo and information on the back.  You have your choice of style:

Gildan Women’s Relaxed Tee for $21.99 ($6.90 is donated to the EFA)

BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Tank for $21.00 ($4.91 is donated to the EFA)

BELLA+CANVAS Women’s Fitted Tank for $21.00 ($4.91 is donated to the EFA)

Women’s Premium Tee for $21.00 ($5.06 is donated to the EFA)

Hanes Tagless Tee (unisex) for $17.99 ($5.57 is donated to the EFA)

Please find the style and size options that work best for you.  As, as always, if you’re unhappy with the print work (sometimes they’re wonky) or quality of the item when you receive it, please contact Teespring’s customer service. They will work with you to either reprint the product or issue you a refund.

And, as always, our usual line of Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirts, stickers, and mugs is always available for you to purchase as well.  (And all profits are donated to the Endometriosis Foundation of America…always).  Shop all of our products at our Teespring store

The San Diego Sisters were at it again!


Some of you may have been around last year when we blogged about the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence‘s Endometriosis fundraiser (you can read about it here).  Well, they did it AGAIN!

Shooters Cocktails, The Sisters, Tanya Linda, and the band Strangley Strange got together on January 28, 2017, for some birthday fun, music, drinks, and FUNDRAISING for the Endometriosis Foundation of America!  And this year they raised $115.75 for the E.F.A.!

Sister Donatella Soul let me know many of the patrons of the bar, including men, donated to the cause – having family members of their own that have suffered with Endometriosis. Even the members of the punk band Strangley Strange donated out of their own pockets!  Thank you EVERYONE!

If you’d like to see all of the photographs from that evening, please click here.  Thank you Richard Reyes for allowing me to post your photographs. ❤  Thanks to Sister Donatella Soul, and all of the Sisters with the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, for going out there, spreading the word, and raising funds.  And thank youuuu (and happy belated birthday!) to Tanya Linda for opening up her heart toward the cause and making her birthday event a fundraiser event! ❤

You guys are all awesome!

Love you!

Li’l Skully Charms


As most of you know, we have our little Endometriosis Awareness Walk coming up on March 26, 2016.  And that we host a monthly support group here in San Diego.

One of our EndoSisters who comes to the group created these little yellow skully charms as part of her fundraising efforts.  Each charm is distinctly different in it’s own way (some have yellow beads, some have purple, some don’t have beads, but have a floral cap).  If YOU would like one, they’re $10 each.  No S&H charges (that’s not how we roll).

You can donate online at www.gofundme.com/endendo.  If purchasing one of these lovelies, please make sure to mention the skull charm in the comments of your donation.  But act fast…there’s only a few of these.

I have mine dangling from a chain on my rearview mirror, right next to my tiny yellow ribbon charm.  An EndoSister removed the charm clasp and created a necklace.  They can be clipped to cell phones, made into a pin, the possibilities are endless.

I know not everyone likes little skulls, but I know a lot of people do, too.  I’m grateful for Linda Lee’s talents and desire to help raise funds. And I thought I’d share these with you.



The Lion and the Mouse


One of my childhood favorite Aesop’s Fables is the story of the lion and the mouse.  In short: a mouse wandering through the forest woke a sleeping lion, and was captured beneath his big paws.  Begging for his life, the mouse promised one day to help the lion.  The lion scoffed, “How can you help me?”  Regardless, the lion let him go.  A few days later, the lion was captured by hunters, trapped, upset and roaring.  The mouse scurried over to see what had happened to the lion and saw him all tied down and caught up in the hunter’s net.  So the mouse nibbled and chewed on the rope until it tore, allowing the lion to escape and live.

It has always reminded me that I can do anything. Being small doesn’t matter.  I can try. And I can do.

And that comes to light now more than ever.  Last night my personal efforts were hailed as a small “coffeehouse gathering,” which won’t get the attention, recognition, or numbers it would need to spread awareness.  It immediately made me feel insignificant, offended, crushed, brushed off…attacked.  But today I remembered this fable.  And I saw all that has been accomplished since my diagnosis.  My small efforts are making a big difference.

I do not have to be beneath the umbrella of an organization or corporate structure or pyramid scheme or group to bring awareness, raise funds, or influence lives.  I can do it. I don’t have to answer to rules or regulations.  All of the funds I raise go directly to a charity of my choosing.  There is no middle man.  No misinterpretation of my intentions.  No misappropriated funds.  My vision remains true to itself.  I remain true to myself.  And, regardless of it’s scale, it is making a difference, in my life, and the lives of those who choose to be a part of it.  And I’ve made several new, close friends and EndoSisters during this process.

Years ago, I was the Fundraiser Chair for a large nationwide event.  Profits raised from the event were going to a good cause. A great cause.  But what I learned after sitting in that chair for two years was that not all of the monies raised (registration fees or donations) went to the charity’s programs.  Some was paid out to vendors, security, the City for permits, rent for the venue, t-shirts, advertising (print, radio, and video), “appreciation awards”, etc.  And the out-of-pocket costs incurred by the Chair Members were also reimbursed out of the money raised.  It was terribly disheartening.

Some chapters of organizations are able to retain the funds they raised for their own efforts; and not giving it to the parent organization to appropriate the funds toward outreach, awareness, research, etc.  It remains in the pockets of the local chapter, for their local governing body to determine how best to interpret the Parent’s Mission Statement and intent. Be aware.

I’ve also since learned that the monies donated to charities may not be going toward outreach, awareness, or whatever you may have thought it was.  This is further muddied by organizations that house chapters, and with each chapter having it’s own governing board, the accountability may become fuzzy or gray.  Dozens of charities have been caught misappropriating funds or abusing their patrons.  Charity Watch is a group that puts these organizations on blast : naming names and placing the facts in black and white for us to read.  You can read some of their public shaming here.

Before you donate your time or money to any charity or charity event, please do your research.  I’ve done mine with the E.F.A. and support their efforts, and will continue to do so.  Make sure that your time, energy, and monies are being focused where you desire.  Do not feel bullied by the Lion.

And we can pretty much go online and follow the money trail, at least tax-wise, for charities.  Citizen Audit allows you to locate a charity, read up on their legal status, and even review their tax documents.  For example, in 2012 the E.F.A. filed theirs, which we can read here.  And you can always ask any charity for an accounting breakdown or even their financial statements in the hopes of seeing what programs, efforts, etc. past donations have gone to.

So I’ve rambled. Strayed from my original topic. Whoops. Back to it:

You can be a Mouse working for a Lion.  Just be sure that your time, effort, and money is going toward what you want it to.  And, please, do not let the delegation of others wear you down to the point where you lose your passion, are stressed, or overwhelmed.  Move on.

Or you can be a Mouse working with other Mice.

Or you can be a Mouse working with other Mice and with the Lion.

Or you can be a Mouse working alone.

Either way : Make a difference. Make waves. Cause ripples.  Bring change to this world. But do it for yourself in a way that will not compromise who you are, what you believe in, or what you stand for.

Small, seemingly insignificant “coffeehouse gatherings” can bring big change, awareness, and a sense of community. As can large corporate-sponsored events.  We can all make a difference, alone, with a larger group, or even with an association or corporation.  Do it in a way that’s best for you.

Yours, The Mouse

Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirts?

UPDATE: T-shirts are available until February 22, 2016.  Click HERE for more info.

Hello ladies & gentlemen!  I need your input!

A lot of women, friends, and family have been asking if I’d be making Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirts.  The buttons are flying off of the shelf, and people now want shirts!  So I’ve been working with the designers at Teespring to turn the logo into something they could toss on a t-shirt.  Conversion and color restrictions altered the logo from photo-realistic to a simple graphic, but I think it makes it a bit of beautiful abstract art. ❤

Each basic t-shirt would sell for $20 ($5 profit).  Other options available would be a women’s fitted t-shirt, women’s fitted v-neck t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, and a hoodie.  Those would be offered at *slightly* higher prices, with an approximate $5 profit for each.  I know $5 doesn’t sound like a lot, but I really want to keep these shirts affordable for everyone.  The only way to increase the profit is to increase the cost : bah! BAH I SAY! 🙂

As usual, I will donate all profits to the Endometriosis Foundation of America, just because the profits should go to a research organization that raises awareness and researches a cure for this disease.  I’ll have no up-front costs to recoup, would be able to grant you your T-Shirt Wish, and the E.F.A. would get some money from this craziness. It’s truly win-win.

And I’ve got a few ideas, but would love to pass them by you first.  The white t-shirt looks the best with the logo (it gets “lost” in color or black).  Please feel free to comment below with your input, thoughts, or your preferences!  I’ve got 3 Options for ya:

Option A: the Bloomin’ Uterus on the front is as low as the printer will allow (so as close to our Uterus as possible…for a bit of fun).  The back reads “Endometriosis Awareness & Support” followed by the name and webpage.

shirt option a

Option B: The Bloomin’ Uterus logo is located near the left chest area.  The back reads “Endometriosis Awareness & Support” followed by the name and webpage.

shirt option b

Option C: The Bloomin’ Uterus logo is located near the left chest area.  The back reads “Endometriosis Awareness & Support” followed by the name and webpage with the added tagline, “We are all still beautiful.”

shirt option c

Option D: Like parts of A, B, and C and want to mix them around a bit? Let me know.

For those of you unfamiliar with Teespring, it’s a marketing webpage where you design a t-shirt and have a limited amount of time to sell a minimum number of t-shirts.  For example, I could have 3 weeks to sell 20 shirts.  If I don’t sell 20 shirts, the shirts will not be printed and nobody will receive a shirt, even if they’ve pre-ordered.  If we do sell at least 20 shirts, everyone who ordered then has to pay and they are each shipped their shirt directly from Teespring.

This is still in the baby stages, so I’ve got nothing but time.  I would like to launch the shirt campaign in March, in honor of Endometriosis Awareness month! 🙂

Sounds like a plan. 🙂

Please, feel free to comment below.  I truly do welcome all feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

Yours, Lisa

Tag Teamin’ Against Endo!

Tag Teamin’ It!

I cannot believe it!

When I was first diagnosed in June of this year with Endometriosis,  I searched for art to make me feel more beautiful.  I needed something… And I found “Sinta” on Etsy.com by GiGiMarie Stationary.  After contacting the artist and asking if the painting could be placed onto a journal and explained why, we bonded : GiGi painted “Sinta” after she learned of her own diagnosis with Endometriosis.  We all cope in our own ways, eh?
GiGi custom-ordered me a journal with her artwork on it.  And her painting also hangs in my living room, a daily reminder that we are still beautiful.  And we’ve been friends ever since.

“Sinta – Self Potrait” (1997) : My Personal Journey Journal

This morning, I received an email from her: she is going to sell the 160-page journals on Etsy for $40 each, offering 15% of each sale directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America!  Why a journal, you ask?  Because it’s healthy for us to express ourselves, document our histories, and refer to our past entries for confirmation/validation.  You can read more on that here.
If you would like to support GiGi’s fundraising efforts and purchase your own Journal, click here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/212732032/my-personal-journey-end-endometriosis
AND, each person who buys a journal will also receive a Bloomin’ Uterus button in the mail from me. 🙂  More on my fundraising efforts, and the button, can be found here: https://bloominuterus.com/fundraiser/

Bloomin' Uterus buttons
Bloomin’ Uterus buttons

I am absolutely flabbergasted at the pure bonding, strength, support, and ACTION that we are capable of.  Anyone can do something to help.  In any cause.  It’s amazing to me! And I’m honored by GiGi’s offer to work together to help raise funds.  We will continue to fight to find a cure for what ails us.
It only takes a leaf gently falling from the sky to cause ripples in the pond below.  Let’s cause ripples, Ladies.  Tidal waves, even!
And please feel free to share this blog, or these links, with anyone and everyone you think may be interested!  Yours, Lisa

Endo Awareness T-Shirt!

endoshirtMy fellow EndoSister, Lauren Siciliano, designed and created these t-shirts.  Not only are they beautiful(!!), but they raise Endometriosis Awareness, and all proceeds are donated to the Endometriosis Research Center!

Each shirt costs only $18.00, plus $5.75 if you need it shipped!

Want one of your very own?  You can write Lauren at laurensicily@yahoo.com to discuss sizing and sleeve options, and to receive a PayPal invoice.  I LOVE IT!  If you’d like, you can also join her support group on Facebook here.

FYI, the little round yellow thing you see near my left shoulder is NOT part of the shirt design.  That’s my Bloomin’ Uterus button, which also raises awareness and funds!  All the money goes straight to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  Interested?  You can donate and secure your own button here.

Bloomin' Uterus buttons

Cheap ways you can help!


So, during my mad dash to raise funds for the Endometriosis Foundation of America, I’ve found ways that we can support the E.F.A. without spending money!


My favorite? GoodSearch!  www.goodsearch.com is a search engine that donates $0.01 every time you conduct an online search.  You create an account, choose the charity, and they donate once a month!  I don’t use Google anymore! Just Goodsearch! It’s powered by Yahoo and the results are pretty much spot-on for Google.  Goodsearch also has games, and will donate $0.01 for every 3 games you play.  Raising money and not spending any? PERFECT!

goodshop copy

There is also GoodShop, which is through GoodSearch.  You look for an online store, and GoodShop will tell you if they donate any proceeds to your charity (again, mine is the Endometriosis Foundation of America, but you can choose any).  You’ve got to register with GoodShop, and click on the online store through their GoodShop webpage…then it takes you directly to the online store and it’s shopping as usual.  I do so much online shopping anyway, it just makes good sense!  So I shop at my favorite online vendors, and they donate between 1% – 5% of my purchase price to the E.F.A.!  Just for shopping where I normally shop!


GoodDining will be closing it’s doors on December 16, 2014.  All donations incurred prior to that date will be honored.  There is also GoodDining, which is through GoodSearch.  GoodDining works with restaurants in your area.  You sign up, identify the charity you wish to donate to, and register your debit/credit card.  You can search for restaurants, go eat, pay with the registered card, and they’ll donate between 1% – 5% of your meal price to the E.F.A!  Just for eating out like I normally do!!  And, if you place a review of a restaurant on GoodDining, they’ll donate an additional 1% of your meal!!

I’ve used Goodsearch, GoodShop, and GoodDining for about 2 months.  Just doing what I normally do…and so far have raised $5.39 for the E.F.A.  It doesn’t sound like a lot…but, it will add up! Every little bit helps!

Today, there’s 61 people registered on GoodSearch to support the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  They’ve raised $91.17!  I don’t know how active these other 60 people are, but could you imagine the money we could raise if we all did it!?!

Together, we can make a difference!

If you’re interested in signing up for any, you can click below:




If you need any help registering, let me know. I haven’t done it in a bit, but I’m sure I could figure it out and walk you through it. 🙂